🥇 The 5 Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed 2020 Reviews

While many people have moved on to lighted tablets you simply can't beat the smell and feel of a real book. A lot of the time the only available option is to sit and read at the end of the day when you want to wind down.

But when your partner is sleeping keeping the light on can be disturbing and trying to read with a flashlight is impossible.

Best Book Lights For Reading

If you're not ready to switch over to an eReader then you need something that lets you see properly without lighting the whole room and disturbing your partner.

While page light readers look awesome they very rarely provide enough light to see the page and they are specific to paperback or hardback only. Clip-on lights might look basic but they provide a better reading experience overall.

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed  (And Reviews) In 2020:


1. Rechargeable Book Light (Best Book Light)

2. LuminoLite Extra Bright Book Light (Best Budget)

3. CeSunlight Reading Light (Best Flexibility)

4. TOZO Reading Light (Best Premium Light)

5. Kootek Portable Reading Light

Ecologic Mart 8 LEDRechargeable Music Stand Light, 3x2 Brightness Levels - 2M Micro USB Cable, 2.1A Fast Charger - REPLACEABLE Battery, Charging & Battery Status - Clip On Book Lamp

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Our Overall Top Pick

Rechargeable Reading Lamp for Bed and Music Stand

Our Rating

With an option to have one or two arms you can make your page as bright as you need it. This is a cheap light for the price and it allows for three different light settings as well.

It's charged via USB so you never have to worry about replacing batteries.

The gooseneck arms can be positioned to suit you so that they're not in the way and the clip has rubber on both contact points so it won't slip or damage your book.

It has a 1000mAh battery with a charging indicator and 2m cable so you can have it plugged in while using it. It charges quickly and lasts anywhere from 2.7 to 20 hours.

It uses cool light LEDs which help to reduce eye strain, though you can also get a warm version too which is less harsh.


  • 2 or 1 arm design
  • LED
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 4 light levels
  • Up to 20 Hours Battery
  • Battery indicator


Lightweight enough not to weigh your book down this will also clip onto your headboard so you can read without having it in your face.

The clip opens to approximately 2” wide. The lens cover is frosted to soften the light so it's not so glaring while still providing the same amount of light as exposed LEDs.

The four levels of light add convenience and help prevent you getting eye strain from reading in dim light.


The USB is a mini-USB which isn't a standard shape anymore. There's not a lot of bad to say about this light at all, it's simple and functional.

Unless it's at the brightest setting you will see the shape of the lights on your page with a dimmer area between them but the page is still bright.

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2. LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra Bright LED Book Light

Our Rating

This is the bestseller of the group and it's been featured in several publications. It's very similar to the Rechargeable Lamp but it's only got a single gooseneck design.

It's also charged by USB and has three power modes for the 1000mAh battery.

There are 4 LED lights inside the bulb that last up to 10 hours on a single charge giving 28 lumens of light.

It has a padded clamp to prevent damage to your book or headboard which opens up to 1” and is lightweight. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Up to 10 hours battery
  • 1 arm design
  • 2 light levels
  • USB rechargeable
  • Padded clamp


While this is similar to the Rechargeable but with fewer features, the quality of the built is slightly better.

It has the same number of LEDs but does not have the hotspot issue of shadows on the page from them not being as bright. It gives a brighter light and while it only has two settings they should work for everyone.


This has less of everything than the Rechargeable, less battery, fewer arms, fewer settings, even less of an opening for you to clip it onto things.

The single arm also doesn't light as much of the page and it's not wide enough to clip onto the headboard so it has to be attached to the book.

CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light, Hands Free, Best for Bed Reading or Read in Car, Flexible Arm, 4 Super Bright LED Bulbs, 4-Level Light Control

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3. CeSunlight Rechargeable LED

Our Rating

Despite being the cheapest light it has the most LEDs and with two arms this can light up both pages of your book at the same time.

Each arm can be controlled independently so you can have one page dimmer until you're ready to read it. This has the same 1000mAh battery as the others but it also has a protective circuit to prevent it overheating.

It only takes 2 hours to fully charge which is the quickest of all. It's light like the others and also charges via USB. Both arms are on adjustable goosenecks and the clip will open to about an inch.

The clamp is also padded to protect your book or whatever you clip to.


  • 2 Hours Quick Charge
  • 2arms
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Padded Clamp
  • Dimmable


For half the price of the other lights this is just as good and gives you the best of both worlds. The battery life is close to 20 hours and it charges very quickly in comparison.

The light itself doesn't produce hot spots on the page and is bright enough to see clearly without lighting up the whole room and there are more settings than the LuminoLite for dimness.


It won't clip to a beveled surface and tends to slide down on a smooth one. The charging cable is unique to this light and it is not one you can get elsewhere or on its own so if something happens to the cord you won't be able to charge the light at all.

Reading Lamp LED TOZO Clip Dimmable Desk 3 Lighting ModesBedside Gooseneck Reading Studying Relaxation Bedtime 9-Level Dimmer Touch Sensitive Control Panel 5V 1A USB Charging Port Silver

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4. TOZO Reading Lamp Clip

Our Rating

This is a large overhead lamp from TOZO that clips onto the headboard or onto the bedside table. It's significantly larger than those that clip onto the book directly and weighs 0.28kg.

It has a wide flat light and comes with an anti-skid base that can be used to stand alone or clip onto things. The design is a USB plug and has 3 brightness levels including reading and sleeping.


  • USB Plug
  • Wide Light
  • 3 Color/Dim modes
  • Anti-skid clip/base


For a lamp that is as good as a small desk light it's cheap and the spectrum of light is impressive since it goes from blue daylight through to a light yellow which helps promote sleep.

The neck is adjustable so you can angle it to work for you and away from anyone else who might be trying to sleep.


The controls have a bright blue LED indicator on them which is disturbing when you're trying to sleep. The clip is very stiff and the light itself is very bright even in the sleep mode.

It's tall and can stick out too much from the headboard even though it's adjustable.

There is also no pads or rubber stops on the clip so it can damage the wood. It's also not wireless and has to be plugged into a USB socket or adapter to work.

Kootek Clip On Book Lights Music Light Stand 10 LED Orchestra Lamp Adjustable Neck Reading Light Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp

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5. Kootek Portable Clip on Rechargeable 9 LED Light

Our Rating

With a design that's similar to the TOZO but lighter this is smaller and rechargeable. It has 9 LEDs and 3 different power modes so you can use it while it's plugged into the AC or plug it into a USB socket.

There's a single button to control both power and brightness for 2 dimmer modes.

The clip works as an anti-skid stand as well as a wide clip for tables or headboards. It's a little thick to clip directly to a book.

The light is on a flexible gooseneck so you can direct it right at your book and the long bar design means that the light is even across both pages without hotspots.

There's also a slight shade around the light to prevent light getting out and going elsewhere.


  • 9LED
  • Flexible Neck
  • Battery and AC option
  • 2 Brightness settings
  • Clip/Stand


It's a nice bright light and it's convenient to have a rechargeable battery option even if the life isn't impressively long.

The light is big and produces plenty of light and it's convenient that you can unplug it and keep going if you want to move without having to turn the light off and on again.

The gooseneck allows you to move the light around and the shade definitely helps keep the light on your book instead of the room.


You can't use it while it's charging as this damages the battery. It's not quite wide enough for some larger books and it's almost overkill for small paperbacks.


It's quite tough to choose one of these, they have such different designs and perform much the same function.

The Kootek is certainly the most versatile but the Tozo provides a better selection of light, even if it has to stay plugged in.

If you want something that's small and definitely won't disturb your partner then the GRDE is the best book light for reading in bed since it's small and simple.


Here are our top 5 Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed:

  1. Rechargeable Reading Lamp for Bed and Music Stand
  2. LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra Bright LED Book Light
  3. CeSunlight Rechargeable LED
  4. TOZO Reading Lamp Clip
  5. Kootek Portable Clip on Rechargeable 9 LED Light

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