🥇 The Best Mattresses for Back Pain of 2020

It is true that each and every one of us needs some measure of comfort, especially the comfort of a good bed. At the end of the day, your bed is your one true best friend, considering how vital sleep is for us. Check our 5 best mattress for back pain that we will review further in this article.

Say you come home from a hectic day with massive amounts of pent-up stress, only to get to your bed which will, in turn, increase your back and body pains and eliminating all hopes of getting a good night’s sleep.

Proper rest is not only crucial for our physical health but to our mental and emotional health as well. Tossing and turning due to chronic back pain leads to insomnia, which leads to higher stress on the back due to constant sitting, lack of exercise, etc.

One thing you should know is to purchase the best mattress suited to reduce and prevent back pain. We are going to show you how to choose good mattresses for your sleep style that will increase comfort, especially those suffering from upper and lower back pain.

Best Mattress For Back Pain Comparison Table

ProductWarrantyOur Rating

The Nectar Mattress
Nectar Full Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty


Linenspa Memory Foam
Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - Medium-Firm Feel - Queen


Signature Sleep 13
Signature Sleep 13' Hybrid Coil Mattress, Full, White


South Bay Quatro
Quatro Memory Foam Mattress - Sleeps Cool PlexAir Memory Foam - 100 Day Guarantee - CertiPur (King (76' x 80'))


Serta iComfort


Common Sources of Back Pain That Can Affect Your Sleep

Did you know that about 80% of us are more than likely to experience some measure of back pain throughout our lives?

Keep in mind that it entirely depends on the individual and the severity of their symptoms, but 80% is enormous, so let’s look at the most common causes of upper and lower back pain and how it affects our sleep.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Sleeping on the stomach is typically the preferred sleep position as the position can relieve pressure on the discs of the spine.

Research in sleep science has shown people with degenerative disc disease often feel most comfortable using a reasonably firm mattress while placing a flat pillow under the stomach and hips.

For side sleepers with the disease, a mattress with slight softness is necessary to cushion the shoulders and hips.

Rather or not your mattress offers enough support if you’re back sleeper, will the bed be soft enough to contour to your body?

Mattresses that are too stiff tend to push against the spine, while mattresses that are too soft tend to offer inadequate support, thus exacerbating the symptoms, not helping alleviate them.


Sleeping sideways with the knees curled up (in the fetal position) is generally preferable. This position opens the facet joints in the spine and can relieve corresponding pressure.

Most sleepers tend to sleep with a combination of all these styles, leading to a lot of movements in the bed. The best memory foam mattresses often tend to have some sort of high motion isolation, while remaining firm, yet soft, are ideal for these many sleepers with Osteoarthritis.

Back Surgery

Getting a good night sleep can be difficult when you or a significant other is recovering from back surgery.

Say some of you are having difficulty getting to sleep or staying comfortable on a flat mattress post-operation, it may be worth considering an adjustable bed or a mattress with a pleasant balance of softness and firmness as an alternative to support your back post surgery.

Depending on the area of your back the surgery was on, you may have to sleep in specific positions to allow your body to heal correctly.

How A Poor Mattress Can Increase Back Pain

A poor-quality mattress:

  • Doesn’t offer the correct support for hips, and spine and shoulders.
  • Makes your hips the heaviest part of the body and causes the mattress to sag, leading to the hammock effect.
  • Leads to low sleep efficiency because of rolling and turning caused by pressure points.

The most important thing is that sleeping on a poor mattress does not let you reach the required level of sleeping stage ¾ or the REM sleep which your body needs to repair itself daily.

How a Good Mattress Can Reduce and Prevent Back Pain:

A good-quality mattress:

  • Aligns your hips, shoulders, and spine by giving sufficient support.
  • Prevents pressure points by giving sufficient support below hips and shoulders.

A good mattress not only reduces back pain but also prevents it.

Hence it is essential to ensure that your mattress does not place any sort of unbalanced excess pressures on your major joints.

This one of the main points we take into consideration while reviewing a mattress as well. A well-balanced mattress can help your body rest comfortably, eliminating the chances of pressure points building along the lumbar areas of the spine.

As you can see, there isn’t a shortage of options to choose from; there are a variety of sources of back pain. From post operation surgery to genetic ailments that can significantly exacerbate pre-existing injuries that can both rob you of a good night’s sleep and comfort.

That being said, we took the guesswork out of your quest for comfort and relief and compiled a list of our favorite mattresses for back pain.

We will break them down into criteria of upper and lower back pain, as well as make some recommendations for the different sleep styles for those of us who have nagging issues that keep us uncomfortable and restless.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

The Best Mattress for Back Pain and Neck Pain

1. The Nectar Mattress

The nectar mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers who need a bed with a medium level of firmness in order to reduce pressure points and help stabilize the back without causing any more flare-ups or discomfort.

In the mattress industry, nectar is known for offering beds that give an Optimum level of firmness.

But remain breathable and fresh to keep you from overheating while offering firm enough support to keep you sleeping once you drift off.

The material of the nectar mattress comprises three separate layers of memory foam with an incredibly dense vegetable-based foam core that maintains the Structural Integrity of the bed.

The first layer comprises of a tensile and long thread cotton quilted layer with a sub-one-inch gel and memory foam hybrid layer that feels like you're sleeping on a cloud due to its mid-level softness and temperature controlling foam layers.

Below the cover layer,  nectar uses two separate layers of memory foam that comprise of a slow reacting 3-inch layer of memory foam that works exceptionally well in both weight distribution.

The two layers of memory foam go a long way with reducing the pressure points of the back, shoulders, neck, and hips;  all of which are well known for causing restless nights and nagging pain.

Below the Comfort layer is a secondary layer of memory foam that is designed to act as a barrier between the soft upper layers and the firm base layer towards the bottom.

Although this layer is also memory foam that is intended to provide pressure point relief, this layer offers greater push back and an almost spring-like feel to respond to the downward forces of the higher tiered layers above it.

Below the multiple layers of foam with varying firmness, there is a transition layer at the bottom that is firm enough to allow adequate pushback but soft enough not to sabotage the comfort and compression of the memory foam itself. It can be said that this one is the best mattress for back pain.

  • The four-inch comfort layers allow minimum motion transfer dispersion so you won’t disturb your partner if you move throughout the night.
  • Dense vegetable foam core maintains the firmness of the bed at the base layer while without compromising the structural integrity of the bed.
  • Maximum edge support ensures that the foam will not slink overtime from sitting or laying on the edges or foot of the bed while retaining its comfortable foam compression.
  • 180 day in a home trial offered by the manufacturer.
  • Nectar Forever Warranty that offers lifetime replacement as long as you own the mattress.
  • Has a slight chemical odor when unpackaged.

2. Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The next mattress on our list incorporates the use of two different sleep technologies into a combination that makes an ideal bed for those of us who suffer from upper back pain.

With pressure reducing memory foam and stabilizing innerspring steel coils, both of which work together to offer maximum pain reduction.

The top layer consists of a knitted, quilted fabric layer that fares well with temperature reduction, thus eliminating the need for constant repositioning to avoid waking up in a puddle of sweat during those hot nights of sleep.

The top layer also features a polyester and polyurethane moisture resistant cover built into the bed that fares very well with preventing sweat or any other type of bodily fluid from working their way into the core layers of the mattress.

Directly beneath the quilted layer cover is an inch and a half layer of comfort memory foam that form fits the body whenever there is any pressure applied to the top layer.

The foam serves to conform to the natural curvature of the body to aid in pressure point reduction on the hips, knees, shoulders, and of course, the back.

As with most hybrid mattresses, memory foam isn’t the only material this bed is constructed of.

Beneath the initial comfort foam layer are a number of six-inch spring continuous coils which offer a firmer feel than a traditional memory foam bed, but softer than a straight up innerspring mattress.

Regarding firmness and motion transfer, I would have to say this bed is just a touch firmer than medium, Ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers since the firmness will prevent sinkage at the hips, so your body isn’t bent at an unnatural angle while you sleep.

Now for motion transfer. If you share a bed with a partner, the odds are stacked in favor of some disturbances if you’re an active sleeper.

Due to the level of firmness with this bed, the transferred motion is more likely to be felt by a partner. The bed is soft and bouncy in and of itself, but it is a bit on the firmer side, so keep that in mind if the motion is going to be an issue.

  • Quilted top layer offers excellent heat reduction and prevents the accumulation of sweat and such.
  • Inch and a half memory foam comfort layer conform to the natural curvature of the body without being too soft.
  • Mid-level firmness is ideal for back pain sufferers who prefer to sleep flat on their back or their stomachs.
  • Six-inch comfort coil innerspring coils combined with memory foam makes this bed an exact hybrid mattress.
  • 10-year factory warranty.
  • Due to the relatively thin thickness of this particular model, there may be some relative discomfort and compression on your shoulders and hips the closer you get to the edge of the mattress.

3. Signature Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress

If you suffer from chronic back pain and need a mattress that is both soft enough for side sleepers, but firm enough to be comfortable for back pain sufferers who sleep on their back or stomach.

The Signature Sleep Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress is an excellent choice of balanced comfort.

The top of the mattress features a pillowtop layer on top of a layer of dense comfort foam that closely conforms to the natural curves of the body while alleviating any pressure points that a subpar mattress would generally create.

Below the pillowtop and comfort layer are a number of 15 gauge innerspring coils that provide adequate pushback for sleepers, yet comfortable enough for back pain sufferers who prefer to sleep on their side.

Regarding motion reduction,  the signature mattress does okay but doesn't perform as well at motion dissipation as just a conventional memory foam mattress would.

If you are an active sleeper, I wouldn't recommend a bed of this specific style unless you or your partner is an extremely deep sleeper and doesn't get woken by motion disturbances throughout the night.

Motion dissipation is essential for sufferers of back pain. If you don't have a quality mattress that will fare well with muffling your motion if you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night.

As with most new mattresses, the signature sleep mattress will have some minor off-gassing as soon as you unbox it and it unfolds. Off-Gassing is an effect that most new mattresses have when they are in the package because there are a lot of different materials that are stored in a compressed package over time.

Doesn't mean the mattress is of lower quality, it just means that the packaging materials just so happen to be a little smelly. If you’re patient, give it a few days, the off-gassing effect should dissipate, and there should be no scent to the mattress at all.

Temperature dissipation is an aspect that many people take into account before purchasing a new mattress.

Sleeping at a comfortable temperature is as specific and easy to manage as for you. Innerspring mattresses tend to reduce body heat better than say a straight memory foam mattress would.

The signature sleep features rayon that absorbs moisture very well dries very quickly and allows the body to breathe and remain cool regardless of how much of a hot body you are while you sleep.

  • Soft enough for side sleepers who suffer from back pain, but firm enough for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Hybrid memory foam and 10-inch coil innerspring mattress.
  • Moisture absorbing, quick drying, body heat dissipating rayon construction which allows the body to breathe and reduce constant tossing and turning.
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that is free of harmful chemicals such as mercury, the ozone reducing chemicals, PBDE’s, TDCPP’s, TCEP’s flame retardant chemicals, lead, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.
  • Available in various sizes, models, thicknesses, and various features unique to specific models.
  • Comes with a soft, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric cover that keeps the mattresses clean of debris and body fluid stains.
  • Has a very pungent off-gassing smell that sticks with the mattress for several days after you unbox it from the manufacturer.
  • Not designed for one specific style of a sleeper, may be more comfortable for one person but uncomfortable for another person with a different sleep style.

4. South Bay Quatro Memory Foam Mattress

The next mattress on our list that’s ideal for back pain sufferers of varying types that desire a comfortable bed that will allow them to sleep unencumbered for various kinds of pain is the Quatro mattress.

The Quatro memory foam mattress is one of the more popular selling bed in a box model that comes compressed and pre-packaged for you to open and expand so you can get a good night's sleep without suffering from any back pain.

In the box, mattresses are more accessible and much quicker to set up than the set up you would have if you would buy the same style mattress from a brick and mortar mattress store, often at a significant markup cover transportation, employee cost, rent, Etc.

This specific model takes a simple memory foam design and combines it with the latest trilayer memory foam players that deliver more comfort and stability for back pain sufferers of all shapes and sizes.

The company itself uses the term “ Universal comfort” to define this product, which in the hustle and bustle of the internet,  is a pretty bold claim that should be reviewed before anyone takes our word for it.

There is a specific feature about memory foam mattresses that I personally love that other mattress types can't seem to deliver as well as this, which is providing an excellent, and comfortable bedding for you and a sleeping partner.

This mattress is very responsive, so you don't feel like you're sinking into a foam Oblivion, mattress response to movement but does its part in isolating motion transfer between partners.

So in layman's terms, you are unlikely to feel any type of action when your partner turns and twists throughout the night like so many of us tend to do, especially if you suffer from back pain.

Say you're like me, and can't seem to find a specific sleep position that you can get comfortable in and stay in throughout the night.

The Quatro is a wonderful solution for sleepers such as myself, meaning it is a universal sleep type mattress.

It doesn't matter if you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a mixture of each and every one of them. The mattress is comfortable enough yet accommodating enough to be healthy for every single sleep style you can think of.

Thanks to temperature dissipating and moisture wicking sleep technology, this mattress doesn't retain body heat as much as similar mattresses in this class. The top layer is not only conforming to the Natural curves of the body; it doesn't retain any body heat.

The top layer disperses it well keeping the body fresh and allowing positive airflow to reduce pooling of sweat on hot nights that we often feel uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that this mattress isn't very firm. As a matter of fact, the Quattro mattress is definitely on the softer side, so if you need a little firmer of a mattress to handle whichever type of back pain do you have, I wouldn't recommend this if you need more support than a few different kinds of foam.

Firmer mattresses tend to have coils or a hybrid of memory foam and innerspring Mattress technology so keep that in mind while making your decision.

  • Trilayer memory foam construction offers varying levels of softness that accommodates side and back sleepers with the most severe types of back pain you can imagine.
  • The company offers a 100-night free trial for you and your partner to test the bed out and see if you like it. If you’re not comfortable, you can send the mattress back to the factory and get your money back within three months, risk-free.
  • A much cooler mattress than similar style mattresses. The memory foam has moisture wicking technology that remains breathable on the hottest nights.
  • Since the mattress is comprised of multiple layers of memory foam, it does exceptionally well at reducing motion transfer of even the rowdiest of sleepers who tend to toss and turn throughout the night.
  • Ideal bed for those of us who don’t have a favorite sleeping position. Since it’s a fairly soft bed regarding firmness, as long as your back doesn’t require a mid to firm mattress, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all with finding a good nights sleep with this bed.
  • Like most double-edged swords, if you require a firmer mattress, you may not find this mattress type to be very comfortable due to the fact it’s exceptionally soft with minimal pushback. It will conform to the curves of your body but won’t offer much regarding biomechanical support.
  • The off-gassing odor, as with most out of the box mattresses can be reasonably smelly for a few days after you open and unpackage it. It’s not enough to dismay me from using the bed but to be honest; it smells terrible for a day or two. Keep this in mind if you’re sensitive to foul smells.

5. Serta iComfort Plush King

Last but not least, we have my personal mattress that I sleep on as well as our editors choice, the Serta iCOMFORT Blue Max plush king mattress.

Although the bed is considerably more expensive than every single mattress on our list, it truly offers the best pushback and quality in materials, cushion, and balance that it's worth making the investment to manage your back pain.

You’ll get probably have the most comfortable nights of sleep you've ever had in your life.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses; The iComfort is designed with high-quality, ultra-premium plush memory foam in five separate proprietary layers that are going to increase motion isolation like no other.

While being complemented by internal innerspring layers that are designed two increase positive airflow through the mattress to keep you cool, even on the hottest of Summer Nights.

This mattress is designed to offer the softness of high-quality memory foam but garner and provide the medium firmness of an innerspring mattress that you won't find in either of the mattress types separately.

The comprehensive comfort top layer will give you a nice plush feel without going overboard and increasing back pain by being too soft; the balance is genuinely one of the best words I can come up with to describe how this mattress feels to sleep in.

Keep in mind; I personally am a side sleeper who suffers from flare-ups in my lower back from old martial arts injuries, so I don't need very much firmness.

If you do, make sure that this bed won't be too soft for you even though I personally don't think it would be.

I have friends who have old judo injuries as well and different areas of their back who have laid on this bed and said that it felt a little too soft for them to lay on for extended periods of time.

Don’t take our words for it, but this bed may be a little too soft depending on the severity of your pain.

  • High-quality plush memory foam construction with five separate layers.
  • Innerspring core sandwiched between memory foam to allow positive airflow to circulate you as you sleep, to keep it nice and fresh without having to reduce the layers of foam.
  • Motion isolation is outstanding. Memory foam is excellent for this, but the multiple layers of quality foam genuinely take the cake. I feel like you could jump on the bed with your partner next to you without disturbing their sleep.
  • Well, known manufacturer, you won't get hosed on quality or construction and their products are designed after taking countless cases of user feedback and sleep research into account before developing their beds.
  • Maybe a little too soft and plushy for extreme back injuries or ailments that require more artificial support than memory foam and innerspring coils.
  • Like most name brand items, this bed is extremely expensive so it’s not very ideal for shoppers on a budget.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mattress for Back Pain

As you can see, even with suffering from the worst back pain imaginable, the odds are in your favor that there is a mattress that will be able to lend you a significant amount of comfort and a good night's sleep.

There are mattresses out there that are much better than a crummy conventional mattress that isn’t ideal for your specific sleep type.

Each and every one of us is different, we all suffer from our own little aches and pains that differ on a case-by-case basis,  a mattress that works best for me may not be ideal for you.

Before you spend a single dime on a new bed, do your research,  figure out how you sleep and what causes your Back pains to flare up and take some of these mattresses into consideration when making your choice.

Buying a new bed may seem like a tricky process, but a little bit of Education and self-awareness will go a long way in your search for the best mattress for back pain.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our review, and I genuinely hope you gain some knowledge that will make your life a little easier and a little less painful, especially in your search for a new mattress, which can be more painful than back pain itself.

I hope you liked our picks for the best mattress for back pain. Good luck to you and we hope that you find comfortable and blissful sleep!

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