The Best 5 Mattresses for Crib [Reviews 2019]

A baby will be spending a lot of their early months sleeping, often for up to 18 hours a day – even if they can’t stay asleep for longer than a couple of hours each time they close their eyes!

As a parent, you’ll want only the best, most comfortable, and safest crib mattress options for your little one so that their dreaming moments are cozy and the healthiest that they can be. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top picks for best mattresses for cribs!

Features to Look for When Buying

the Best Mattresses for Crib

  • Firmness

The bottom line with firmness when it comes to crib mattresses is that the firmer they are, the better they are for your baby. While you might assume that a soft mattress is more comfortable, it can actually be unsafe for an infant.

Not only does it make it difficult for a baby to move around and adjust themselves due to them sinking too far into the mattress, it can also increase the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

So, opt for a nice, firm mattress. Test the firmness by pressing your hand into the mattress and over its edges, and take note to ensure that the mattress doesn’t bend and contour to your hand or leave an imprint; it should regain its original shape quickly.

  • Mattress and Crib Size

Admittedly, this seems like a no-brainer. But mattress size is an incredibly important part of choosing a mattress for your baby – so much so that the American government actually has regulated standards for crib mattress size.

Most mattresses now come in one standard size for this reason, but it is still a good idea for you to double check to be sure, especially if your baby crib is old or secondhand.

Why is this so important? Gaps between the crib’s sides and the mattress can pose a suffocation hazard. The mattress you purchase should fit snugly along all sides of the crib and you should not be able to notice any gaps. If there are gaps, those should be no wider than 1.25”.

  • Safety and Health

For the most peace of mind and for your baby’s safety and health, the mattress you choose should have a kind of quality certification such as a CertiPUR or GREENGUARD certification; these are for foam mattresses.

This will ensure that the mattress you purchase only uses environmentally friendly products that do not involve the use of chemicals like pesticides, flame retardants, noxious adhesives, petrochemicals, or volatile organic compounds.

A certification also ensures that the product meets chemical emissions limits. Harmful emissions as a result of bad chemicals being used can cause health issues.

You should also go for a mattress that complies with 16 CFR 1632 and 1633 federal flammability standards. If you want to opt for an organic mattress that only uses natural materials, makes sure it is GOTS or OTCO approved and certified.

  • Cleaning Convenience

While this isn’t a requirement for crib mattresses, it can make your life easier. There’s no discounting the fact that you will need to clean the mattress regularly and that your baby may cause quite a mess in there sometimes.

For this reason, going for mattresses that are waterproof and are machine washable – or have machine washable covers – can save you a lot of hassle.

  • Breathability

You can’t always monitor the temperature in a room, and if the room gets a little too warm while your baby is sleeping, they can overheat and start becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

Poor temperature control is as dangerous as a baby being too hot or cold can also contribute to the risk factor of SIDS. This is why proper ventilation in a mattress is so important. Make sure the mattress you buy has been proven to regulate temperatures well.

  • Comfort

Admittedly, babies can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, and likely won’t care much for huge amounts of comfort.

But as they grow into toddlers, they may start noticing if their mattresses are too firm, and being uncomfortable can keep them from sleeping.

If you’re getting a simple, standard mattress, there’s no real way around the inevitable transition apart from buying a new mattress when the time comes.

But you can opt for dual firmness mattresses that have different feels on either side, so you can flip the mattress over when your child begins needing more softness, and there are also transition type mattresses available that provide support and comfort based on the weight placed over them.

Types of Mattresses

  • Foam

This is likely the most popular kind of mattress that parents go for, as it is also often the least expensive of the kinds of crib mattresses available.

They are also light and easy to clean and are made from polyurethane. Just make sure you’re careful with what you buy as the easiest way to make a foam mattress is with harmful chemicals that release bad emissions, so make sure it is certified to be clean of these materials.

  • Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses for cribs tend to be pricier than other options, but they do offer a good amount of support, and the structure of coils and springs is great for orthopedic purposes.

You’ll still want a firm mattress, even if it’s innerspring, so go for a mattress with 150 coils or more with a gauge of 15.5 and below; lower gauges mean the coils use thicker wires that are firmer.

  • Organic

Alright, so this isn’t really a type of mattress specifically, but given the number of parents who want to opt for organic mattresses for their children, we are including it anyway.

As you may expect, organic mattresses are the highest priced of the lot, but if your budget allows, they are a great, healthy investment.

Typically, these mattresses are made from an entirely organic material such as cotton, which removes the possibility of harmful manufacturing processes.

They’re also good for children who are prone to allergies. If you choose to purchase an organic mattress, make sure that the mattress is certified to be organic!

Top 6 Best Mattress for Cribs

Colgate Eco Classica III

This mattress is dual-sided, certified organic, and made from safe and healthy materials. It is designed to provide infants with support and firmness on one side and providing toddlers with comfort and support in a good, healthy balance on the other.

The Eco Classica III has a certified organic cover that is hypoallergenic, but unfortunately cannot be removed from the mattress. This cover eclipses both sides of the mattress, top, and bottom, and serves as the topmost layer for both the infant and toddler sides.

The next layers on each side is a flammability barrier made from organic cotton. The middle layers are made from plant oil based eco-foam, with one of the layers being firm for babies and the other side is less firm for older children.

In terms of support, both sides of the mattress offer the right amount of support for the sides they are dedicated for, and there is barely any linkage at all, even on the edges of the mattress.

There is also very limited motion transfer and bounce and very low heat retention, so temperatures on the mattress won’t get too high.

From a convenience standpoint, his mattress has is that it is very lightweight, making it easy to carry around and move if needed.

The mattress’ water resistant yet the breathable cover is extremely useful. As long as you get to spills in time, the mattress will likely not get affected by any liquids that end up on it.

Do note that if you fail to reach a spill before it starts seeping through, it can affect the mattress and lead to a warranty void.

The downside of having a non-removable cover is that cleaning can be more difficult, and occasionally stains can be difficult to rub out. For this reason, you may want to opt for a mattress protector over it.

The mattress is relatively durable, with the seams being sewn tightly and no loose threads easily unraveling. However, you may notice some indentations beginning to form after a few months of use.

You may also find that the curved corners of the mattress give it a higher tendency to move in a crib, although its standard size dictates that the movement is non-critical because there are no gaps left between the mattress and crib sides.

This mattress is GREENGUARD certified, meaning it is guaranteed to be organic and meets strict emission level guidelines.

This means that despite being made from foam, the mattress is not made from polyurethane or any toxic foam materials that are often among the raw materials used in the foam manufacturing process.

You can also rest easy knowing that this mattress is free from chemical-based flame-retardants, some of which have been found to increase the risk of cancer, but that it still uses non-flammable materials. The foam used is also Certi-PUR US certified.

Colgate has been fashioning crib mattresses for over twenty years and is quite known in the industry, giving them some added reputation. 

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core

The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core mattress is an all-natural crib mattress designed and made by Sealy, a brand that also sells regular mattresses. It is great for newborn infants due to its firmness and is known for its unique soybean foam.

This mattress’ construction is fairly simple. Keep in mind that the mattress is reversible, so the base layer is in the center, the second layer is around either side of the base, and the top layer is on both ends of the mattress.

The base is where the soybean is, and it is comprised of a very firm, high-density soybean memory foam, which is essentially made from soybean oils instead of harmful petrochemicals.

The base is quite solid, allowing for proper and sturdy support to the child lying on it, especially when it comes to their neck, shoulders, and spine.

The second layer is fashioned from dense cotton that allows for some softness, but not enough for any sinking to happen – only enough for added comfort.

The topmost layer is made from organic cotton that has been manufactured using Crypton Clean Sleep technology, meaning it is completely waterproof and stain-resistant. The mattress also has an air pocket within it that allows for ventilation and temperature regulation so your baby doesn’t overheat.

The mattress is both GREENGUARD and Certi-PUR US certified, meaning it is free from harmful chemicals and has passed numerous strict quality, emission, and material tests.

Because it is made from soybean oil, it can count as organic in some circles. The outermost layer of the mattress also has another certificate: the Oeko-tex certificate, which guarantees that the mattress is made from fabrics that do not use or contain traces of any harmful chemicals.

Comfort-wise, this mattress is known to be very hard. It works well for newborns and very young babies, but the older they get, the less likely they are to feel comfortable over this mattress.

On the bright side, this means that the mattress is very safe and does not sink in at all. Despite being a memory foam mattress, this product has good temperature regulation and keeps heat away from the surfaces and interior.

The memory foam adds some softness and gives good support to a sleeping baby, and the mattress has good isolation and very little bounce.

However, there is not a lot of edge support on the mattress, which means it’s best left in the crib where your tiny tots can’t tumble off it.

The mattress is also known to be quite noisy, which can disturb a baby’s sleep. This is arguably the biggest downside to this mattress – it is very loud when someone moves on it.

The Soybean Foam-Core is fairly convenient, being incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. Its water resistance also makes the surface of the mattress almost like an umbrella when it comes into contact with liquids, which is handy for cleaning messes.

The cover of the mattress is made from a vinyl material that is easy to sponge down. However, this cover is prone to cracking after a few years if not properly cared for.

The mattress fits well inside a crib and does not leave much of a gap. It has squared corners, allowing it to fill all corners of a crib well and reduce any possible movement.

Of course, the downside to square corners is that fitted sheets can be harder to get onto them, but for the extra peace of mind, many parents might consider the extra hassle worth it. It is also fairly stable and durable, so it will likely stand the test of time.

Do note that the mattress makes use of pinched seams, which can be enticing to a child’s itchy fingers! However, the lock stitching does make it a bit sturdier.

The mattress has a limited lifetime warranty. However, it can be difficult to avail of this warranty as Sealy outsources their manufacturing to a company known as Kolcraft and claims the warranty refunds from there. 

Naturepedic No Compromise

Naturepedic is known for its line of expert-approved products, with mattresses and sleeping products that have been designed with the help of engineers, pediatricians, and even chemists.

This mattress is dual-sided for different firmness options, all natural and made in America by Amish craftsmen, who work at a GOTS-certified factory of Naturepedic’s in Ohio.

The mattress is made from certified organic cotton that does not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and it is also hypoallergenic.

All fibers used are made from Non-GMO potato-starch PLA batting that is completely plant-based, so it does not release harmful emissions, and it is even often used in biomedical equipment and fields.

PLA is known for being a fantastic alternative to traditional petroleum-made goods.

On top of that, the mattress is fire protected due but does not use any artificial chemicals to ensure its fire-retardant status, instead relying on organic cotton, and its make still meets flammability standards across the country.

Meanwhile, the mattress’ innerspring construction is made from high quality, heavy duty steel that is also hypoallergenic. There are 150 coils that are 13 gauge, while border wires are 9 gauge. This means that mattress is quite durable and can provide a great amount of support to a sleeping infant.

The mattress’ surface cover is waterproof, made from food-grade polyethylene, which is actually used for food packaging; that’s how non-toxic it is! It also doesn’t stain easily and is fairly easy to clean, while serving as a barrier between the mattress and dust mites, insects, and allergens.

The Naturepedic No Compromise has GREENGUARD and GOTS certifications, cementing the truth behind their organic, all natural, and healthy safety claims.

There are no allergens, insulators, adhesives, or foams within the mattress, making it great for peace of mind. Naturepedic also backs up its claims with plenty of scientific data, so you know what they say is more than just empty marketing words.

From a comfort standpoint, the dual-firmness features of the mattress mean your child won’t outgrow the mattress for a while, as you can flip it over from its firmer side to its slightly less firm side as your baby grows.

The mattress is firm enough to be safe for the demographic each side is intended for, but also has enough given and bounce to allow for a little extra comfort.

It also has excellent edge support, so it’s safe to use as a transition mattress in a toddler bed. This is due to the coils and wire that line the edges for an extra-sturdy seat.

Unfortunately, there are no temperature regulation features on the mattress, and it has a tendency to retain heat, so if you choose to use it during warmer weather, make sure there is always a cooling fan or air conditioning on in the room.

Is the mattress convenient? It’s a hit or miss. While the water-resistant cover is easy to clean, keeps spillages from seeping into the mattress, and can be sponged down if needed, the mattress itself weighs a hefty 20 lbs.

This means it’s quite heavy and can be difficult to move around, which is something you may be doing a lot as time goes on.

The mattress fits snugly into a crib, and its square edges eliminate the chances of a dangerous gap – although it does make it difficult to get a fitted sheet over it.

There are no visible seams on the mattress, meaning that no curious fingers will go picking at some and unraveling them.

The mattress is quite durable and sturdy, but after a while of usage, small compression points may begin to form in it, creating small sinkholes.

While not dangerous, this can worry some parents and points to lesser durability in the long run. The Naturepedic No Compromise comes with a limited lifetime warranty but has a price that can be too high for some budgets.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Moonlight Slumber is a brand that implements a quality standard known as the Green Safety Shield Quality Assurance Program. This is done by meeting three specific requirements.

The first requirement is that the contents of each product must be free of harmful chemicals, preventing off-gassing and bad emissions, and this is ensured using two independent testing labs which use advanced chemical analysis instruments.

The next requirement is that all products are made to be durable, safe, and to perform at optimal measures for as long as possible.

This is done via element engineer tests and failure analysis. The final requirement is that all materials used within Moonlight Slumber must be tested on-site for quality assurance. This particular mattress is also CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD certified.

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is a dual-side, dual-firmness mattress that, when your baby grows into a picky toddler, can be flipped over for a softer and more comfortable feel.

The mattress is encased on both sides by a non-toxic medical grade nylon fabric cover that is waterproof and easy to clean; you can easily wipe off any messes.

The second layer, which is also on both sides, is a patent-pending, natural internal fire barrier that is used in the healthcare world, and it is halogen-free and does not make use of bad chemicals or artificial retardants. This layer also surpasses nationwide fire regulations and complies to 16 CFR Part 1633.

Then, on the infant side of the mattress, extra firm high-density foam is used for maximum support. On the toddler side, firm high-density foam is used that is just a tad plusher than the baby side, allowing for better comfort, but still maintaining needed support and firmness.

Comfort-wise, the mattress is decently comfortable and can offer enough coziness for toddlers. However, for some pickier kids, it might be a little bit too firm. It has good edge support, minimal bounce, and a silky, thin and breathable feel.

The mattress is not fitted with temperature regulation features but does not overheat very easily.

With that being said, it does not necessarily stay cool in warm weather, either, so be sure to have a fan on in the room – or air conditioning – and ensure that there is sufficient ventilation during hotter months, as during these times, the mattress can retain heat and cause sweating.

For convenience, the mattress is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 10 lbs. – much less than other crib mattresses in the market.

This makes it very easy to carry around and move if needed, and you may barely feel it as you do so. The mattress is also well waterproofed, with its surface acting almost like a raincoat or umbrella, making it easy to wipe off any spills or messes.

The mattress is known to be durable, and its seams are very tight and secure, although they are visible, which could make them enticing to young children who are looking for something to do.

Still, the mattress is not known to sag or develop divots even after long periods of use and wear, which is always a bonus.

This could be due to the rigorous testing that the mattress’ design has gone through to ensure that the mattress stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

The mattress has sharp, rectangular corners that are safely snug in cribs, though getting a fitted sheet on them can be tricky.

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers

Simmons has been around since 1891 and is known for creating products at a lower price point than their competitors for a similar quality.

This dual-sided mattress is an innerspring model that is great for babies and toddlers alike, making it a good choice for parents who want to be able to simply flip over the mattress once their baby outgrows it.

The mattress’ construction is quite complex. Its outer cover, which encases either side, is a hypoallergenic woven cover that is water resistant.

Beneath that is a 100% natural cotton fire barrier wrap that is GREENGUARD and CertiPUR-US certified, so it is completely non-toxic and does not make use of harmful chemicals or retardants.

It also passes and complies to flammability standards. The next layer also is present on either side and is the support and comfort layer that is meant to provide extra cushioning comfort over the innerspring section.

The next section is the innerspring section, which is designed to act as the core for both the infant and toddler sides.

It is encased in 9-gauge border wire that provides a strong and durable edge to the mattress while also acting as added support for the form of the product, preventing sagging and deformation.

The innerspring mechanics themselves are made up of a whopping 231 coil springs – a high number that indicates the mattress’ high firmness – that are designed to provide even weight distribution and much-needed support.

Between the coils are in foam corner protectors that prevent the springs from meshing with each other, allowing them to better maintain their shape and durability.

But, we hear you ask – everything is the same on either side so far! The one difference that the toddler side has is an added layer of convoluted foam for comfort right above the innerspring section.

This layer is designed to provide extra comfort, reducing the firmness of the mattress by just a touch for fussy toddlers. Despite the fact that this is the only difference between the sides, it actually makes a huge difference and makes this mattress a great, comfortable option for toddlers!

The Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers mattress provides a lot of support thanks to its high coil number, meaning no indentations or sinking occurs on the infant side, and barely any on the toddler side.

The mattress also has a very high level of edge support and a decent, safe bounce. For heat retention, the mattress has some breathable air holes that allow for a little ventilation, and it has an overall average level of heat retention.

The mattress has tightly sewn seams that don’t peek out from anywhere, so they’re safe around itchy fingers.

The mattress also fits very snugly on a standard crib, with no gaps whatsoever showing. In terms of corners, the mattress has neither square nor rounded corners, but this doesn’t affect the mattress’ safety as it is still snug on each side.

The mattress is known to be very durable and does not show signs of sagging or indentation.

Convenience-wise, the mattress’ cover is highly waterproof and is very easy to clean, with spills resting easily on top of them and being very simple to wipe off with a cloth.

However, do note that the mattress is 20 lbs., which means it is a little harder and more tiring to move around as needed. This can be troublesome if you find yourself having to carry the mattress around quite a bit.

The Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers mattress has a limited lifetime warranty.

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Safety 1st is a brand that manufactures products designed for the safety of babies and young infants, and it is this brand that first created the “Baby on Board” signs so commonly used today, over thirty years ago.

The construction of the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams mattress is very simple. Its cover is a durable, tear-resistant vinyl that is hypoallergenic and is known to last several years without ripping or wearing out.

It is also very water resistant and easy to clean, with spills sitting on the very surface of the mattress until mopped up. The mattress’ core is made from a high-density, thermo-bonded polyester fiber foam material that is GREENGUARD certified, so it has low emissions and maintains good air quality.

The mattress does not use any lead or phthalates, nor does it make use of artificial flame retardants, although it does meet 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards in a safe and healthy way.

In terms of comfort, the mattress is supposedly comfortable and firm enough to offer proper support to both babies and toddlers. It is certainly comfortable enough to be used by toddlers with little trouble.

However, the vinyl cover can be quite noisy when movement happens on its surface, so a sheet may be necessary to prevent sleep disturbance.

The mattress offers enough support to a baby to prevent sinking or risk of SIDS, and this may be due to the thermo-bonded foam, which is of a very high density.

The edge support offered on the bed is also above average, and it has a good amount of bounce. On the flip side, there are no temperature regulation features on the mattress, and this causes it to retain more heat than average.

As such, be sure to have proper air ventilation and cooling happening in the room on warmer days if you choose to buy this mattress.

Safety 1st mattresses are known for being extremely durable and for lasting for years, which can be a relief to parents who tend to see their baby products wearing out in months.

It has tight, well-secured seems and a well-constructed zipper over the mattress’ foam core that will prevent tearing or unraveling.

The mattress exceeds the requirements for a snug fit in a standard crib, and it has square corners that – while making the use of fitted sheets more difficult – remove the possibility of movement due to gaps and spaces.

Convenience-wise, the mattress is very lightweight, weighing in at only 8 lbs., which is much lighter than most other baby and crib mattresses.

This means it’s very easy to lift and move around as needed. Its water resistant is up to the war and allows for easy cleaning of spills and messes.

The mattress has a limited two-year warranty, which may seem short, but due to the mattress’ known durability, we’re inclined to give that a bit of a pass.

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