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Best Mattresses For Fat People [Review] in 2020

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There are a few things that change one’s lifestyle as obesity does. People still don’t consider it a medical condition, but it is one of the major reasons why one suffers from multitudes of diseases. The epidemic of obesity sweeping across the world has something to do with scientific progression and modern times as well.  Technology has its perks but it has definitely made us lazy. In today’s urban settings, there is virtually no physical activity left except for the ones some of us consciously adds to our routine. With such physically sluggish days and nights, bad food choices become a double whammy.

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This compounded problem is the reason why nearly one-third of the adult US population is ‘suffering’ from obesity. Yes, they are suffering because they have to compromise on the quality of life on so many fronts.

Be it work, pastime or sleep, they can’t make the most of so many things due to their weight sprawling body frames.

Let’s talk about sleep for instance. Fat and obese individuals have to face a lot of complications in sleep due to their weight.

From restless leg syndrome to snoring and apnea, there are many sleep spoilers for overweight individuals. On top of that, sleeping on a bed with insufficient mattress only makes things worse.

Whether obesity is an outcome of a bad lifestyle or hereditary profile, one should strive to sleep better and a suitable mattress can come in really helpful for that.

Although manufacturers don’t brandish their products as “best mattresses for fat people”, there are still some units that are better with their features for obese individuals.

From the many mattress options in the market, we have researched and picked five of the best mattresses for fat people. Go through them and pick the mattress that ensures maximum comfort and support for those who weigh above their BMI limits.

Not interested in skimming through the entire list? No worries, we have already picked a single best option for you. All those overweight individuals looking for a mattress that provides firm support,  contouring, and a cool sleep, Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress is the one option they should trust their money with.

Everything about this mattress is just right for all those suffering from obesity or inherited a heavy-built body frame. It is 14-inch thick with multiple layers of foam and a firm base.

The gel infusion ensures better heat dissipation and contouring. Whether you are borderline overweight or obese, the mattress offers uncompromised contouring and cradling to let you slip in deep comfortable sleep in no time.

The tag of “Amazon’s Choice” puts the seal on the high-quality and function of this mattress. It is definitely not one of the economical options but you need to factor in its durability.

When regular mattresses render useless after a couple of years, this one continues to offer the same comfort for more than a decade to overweight individuals. This extended use certainly makes up for more than its price tag. Then you also get two memory foam (shredded) pillows at the same cost.

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Our Top 5 Best Mattresses for Fat People


Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

Our Choice Item

Manufacturers have been using memory foam in the mattresses for the longest time. While it makes for one of the most economical options for the larger consumer market, it certainly comes with some downsides. For instance, they are not cool-to-sleep. Even if you are sleeping with the air conditioning on, a pure memory foam mattress gets warmer and disturbs your sleep a bit if not more. In the last few years, aerated gel infusion has made memory foams a whole lot bearable. Classic Brands has taken this improvement to another level by creating a mattress for those searching for a durable option for their overweight bodies.

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Classic Brands Ultimate Gel Memory Foam is not just any regular gel foam mattress. It is one of the thickest gel foam mattresses on the block. It is important to mention here that Classic Brands hasn’t added thickness to its mattress just for the sake of it. Its 14-inch thickness is well-thought-out.

At the bottom, the mattress has a 9-inch high-density base foam. It is breathable and provides a stable platform for all the weight coming down.

On top of it, there is a 2-inch gel support foam that accommodates the body with its fine bound/rebound properties. 

The topmost layer is a 3-inch cool gel memory foam that contours with your sleeping posture while making sure the heat is being dissipated into the mattress instead of getting back to the body.

The exterior of the mattress is also pretty impressive. It is draped in high-quality stretch knit fabric cover that bears smooth look—thanks to its waterfall edge. Classic Brands Ultimate Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and the manufacturer further sweetens the deal by adding two complimentary shredded memory foam pillows.


Impressive breathability and ventilation with two gel-foam layers and a breathable base


Intrinsically dust-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-allergen


Extra flexible and durable stretch knit cover

Cooling memory foam gel

It is quite heavy and may not go well on some beds

Latest deal: Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam


TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress

Top Quality Item

The biggest dilemma for fat people while buying a mattress is to pick a unit that is either thick or cool-to-sleep. Sleeping on a thick memory foam mattress, for instance, gives you the support your heavy body needs. However, you have to sleep while riling in your body heat since they are not good with their breathability and temperature regulation. On the other hand, regular breathable mattresses provide temperature comfort but they are lacking with their support needed for a heavy-built person. Tuft & Needle has struck a perfect balance with its Adaptive Queen Mattress in this regard. This mattress is both cool-to-sleep and thick enough to provide support to obese people.

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T&N Adaptive foam is made of polyfoam core along with graphite and gel infusion. This makes it cool-to-sleep and as well as firm. 

This unique combination of three different materials gives the mattress the perfect firmness—neither do you feel getting sucked into the bed nor does it feel like sleeping on hardboard.

What we most like about this T&N adaptive foam is it allows ‘localized bounce’. The spouses of fat people often complain about how their twisting and turning in the bed make it difficult for them to sleep in peace. 

This localized bounce deals with this problem by ensuring that the entire mattress doesn’t go into a frenzy when there is a movement on one side.

If your past experience of mattress shopping is not pleasant enough and you are skeptical of the manufacturers’ claims then T&N is here to cater you. It is offering a full refund guarantee with 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Moreover, you get 10 years of extended limited service warranty. If you want to get the required support from the mattress without burning your back and sides, then T&N would be a great choice.


Graphite makes polyfoam base more conforming and suitable for pressure relief


Thickness is ideal for spine support of overweight people


It is cool-to-sleep


10 year extended waranty


Edge support should have been better

Latest Deal: TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress


Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Best Value Item

Innerspring mattresses are great with their structural support and firmness.  Their breathability is also better than memory foam mattresses. However, they don’t offer the plushy, cool and contouring experience that gel memory foam offers. Olee Sleep has devised an option for all those fat individuals who want the rigidness of innerspring and as well as the comfort of gel memory foam. Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid is a combination of both. This 13-inch mattress features innerspring base along with the layers of gel memory foam. You won’t find such a unique combination in many mattresses.

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There is a 7.5-inch innerspring base that makes sure no matter how heavy you are, your back remains straight on the mattress. 

The innerspring is then covered with 2-inch high-density foam. It is actually insulation between the innerspring base and 1-inch thick gel layer.

When many manufacturers just sprinkle gel beads in their memory foam mattresses to brand them as “cool gel memory foam”, Olee has used an entire layer of gel to ensure all the heat of top soft memory foam can be drained down.

This 1.5-inch soft memory foam layer is good enough to provide the contouring around the neck, hips, and shoulders that you expect from any plush memory foam mattress.

The cover of this mattress is also worth mentioning. It is actually a polyester cover plus fiber padding that can absorb light moisture. Moreover, jacquard design makes it easy on the eyes.  If you are looking for a mattress that is able to give your troubling neck and back firm support without snatching the comfort of your nighttime sleep, then Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid is worth considering.


Features firm support of innerspring mattresses and customized contouring of memory foam


Uses an entire gel layer instead of sprinkled beads to keep you cool


The polyester jacquard cover is easy on the eyes


Layered with a gel to ensure cool sleep


Hard to set up due to its thickness and innerspring base

Latest Deal: Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress


Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

If support and contouring comfort is the first and foremost features you need in a mattress, then Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch Mattress is the option that you should strongly consider. Similarly, for all those heavy people who are looking to get the required firmness and support from non-spring mattresses, Signature Sleep Memoir is the answer. So, what is about Signature Sleep Memoir Mattresses that makes it so good with its supporting and contouring abilities. This 12-inch mattress is not just a single piece of foam carved out of the same material. There is 3.5-inch memory foam layer sits on the top of an 8.5-inch polyurethane base. 

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While memory foam layer ensures the mattresses can contour a heavy body, the sturdy and thick poly base ensures all that weight is evenly distributed.

This combination polyurethane and memory foam win on many fronts. To begin with, it makes sure the mattress doesn’t warp over time while in the use of obese individuals. Moreover, it provides required support and contouring to the entire spinal column.  

Heavy people often complain about backaches after waking up the morning. It happens when they sleep for the most part of the night on their back amid poor contouring and support.

Rest assured, it doesn’t happen on Signature Sleep Memoir even if you sleep on your back for the whole night.

Although the breathability and coolness are not as good as the models we have reviewed above, you still get a gel-infused memory foam and a breathable knit fabric cover that surely take the edge of the heat. For people with heavy-built and weight, this mattress is also a reasonably-priced option.


The hard polyurethane base ensures localized motion i.e. no more disturbing your partner while getting in and out of bed


Doesn’t sag under large weights, offer usability beyond its prescribed service life


A cost-effective mattress option given its thickness and construction


12 inches of thickness


Some people may find it a bit firm for a memory foam mattress

Latest deal: Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress


Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Overweight individuals often miss out on the experience of sleeping on plushy mattresses that are so comfortable that they feel like a second skin. Sleep Innovation has tried to give all the obese and heavy-built individuals the taste of such night time bliss with its Alden 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress.  If we assess this mattress just for fat people, then it excels pretty well. Regular plushy mattresses are not suitable for overweight people because after a while they start sinking into the mattress. This doesn’t happen with Alden Memory Foam Mattress. It cradles your body the same way irrespective of your weight. Besides the plush, its cool-to-sleep character also makes it an ideal choice for fat individuals.

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Obese people who are already disturbed by their own weight and apnea get the cooling relief while sleeping on Sleep Innovation Mattress.

All these valuable features in this mattress exist due to its tri-layer construction.

The 2.5-inch SURETEMP memory foam is gel-infused and simultaneously ensures heat dissipation and body contouring. 

The memory foam layer is followed by a 2.5-inch air channel foam to make sure heat travels fast from top to bottom.  

This well-thought-out sleeping platform is then placed on a thick 9-inch support form so that large weights don’t bog the mattress down. In order to improve on the contouring and cradling of the memory foam, Sleep innovation has used a tufted cover on it.  Go for this option if you like to get absorbed in the plush and comfort of a mattress without worrying about your weight.


Ideal for heavy-built individuals looking for plush mattress options


Sleep cool feature is quite impressive (SURETEMP memory foam and s Air Chanel Foam)


A reasonable price point for a 14-inch mattress


Gel infused


People like to sleep on their back may not like it so much

Latest deal: Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Mattresses for Fat People Buyers Guide

 Whenever you go on to buy a mattress for individuals with heavy-built, sprawling body frame and extra weight, you should factor in the below features.


The thickness of a mattress is the most important feature if you are particularly shopping for obese individuals. From 6 to 14-inch, you get a lot of option with mattress thickness. However, there is no use of buying a single-digit thick mattress for overweight individuals particularly if they weight more than 200 pounds. If you have noticed, even the thinnest mattress on our list is 10 inches thick.

There is no set mattress thickness for people as per their weight. However, if your budget and bed allow then follow this mantra: the thicker the better. And refrain from buying anything below 10 inches no matter what the manufacturer is brandishing.


Now, this feature is really important to assess whenever buying a mattress for fat people. Usually, the thickness of a mattress drops its firmness and that is not a good thing for obese users. While being thick, a mattress for fat people should also be firm enough to give needed pressure relief and support to their heavier bodies.

Therefore, many modern thick mattresses (including all in our list) features a strong and sturdy foam base so that large weights can be easily distributed on the mattress.  These days the firmness of a mattress is often rated on a scale of 1-10. For obese people, anything between 6-8 firmness is suitable.

The importance of mattress firmness increases manifold for all those obese individuals who are stomach and side-sleepers. Sleeping in such postures on mattresses with poor firmness doesn’t allow the uniform weight distribution. This ultimately leads to inadequate pressure relief, and one feels tired and exhausted even after a good night deep sleep.

Foam density

Foam is an indispensable component of mattresses. They are present in every mattress as polyfoam or memory foam. Foam density is an indicator of how firm a mattress is i.e. the higher the density the greater the firmness. Foam density is calculated in a numeric value as pounds per cubic feet (PCF) and often mentioned in the specs chart of the mattress.

If you are purchasing a mattress that is going to be used by overweight people, then don’t consider options with polyfoam of density less than 1.2 PCF and memory foam of density less than 4 PCF. If you can’t find PCF value in the product description and specification charts, ask the sale and customer representative.

Coil Gauge

We have also discussed one hybrid option for fat people here that features springs. So, if you are going for a spring mattress, then consider its coil gauge value for determining its firmness and durability. The regular spring mattress contains coils with 12 to 18 gauges with 12 being the thickest. If it is a spring-only bed then make sure it has lower-gauge (thicker) spring coils.

In hybrid mattresses, however, you can work with higher-gauge (thinner) coils as well since they are not the only supporting components. The high-quality hybrid mattresses are often fitted with high-gauge pocketed coils and they are perfect to offer structural strength to the mixed base of the mattress.

Temperature Neutrality and Heat Dissipation

This is one of the most important features of a mattress in terms of its comfort quotient. A mattress that is not temperature neutral can’t be comfortable unless you are living in sub-zero weather conditions.

Temperature neutrality is actually the quality of a mattress to maintain ambient temperature under body heat. In this sense, innerspring and hybrids are great. Their construction has a lot of aeration and they prove to be an effective sink for body heat.

However, foams are not that good with heat dissipation. They trap and retain the body heat which makes them quite warm particularly if someone is lying on them for an extended time period (e.g. sleeping).

The temperature neutrality matters more greatly to obese people since they have large body mass, thus producing more heat and consequently getting the mattress more warmed up. Manufacturers now use purpose-made gel and air columns in foam mattresses so they can also let the heat in and sink it away from the body. So, always go for the options that have such add-ons. Otherwise, no matter how thick and firm your mattress is, it can’t bring you the sleep comfort.

If you naturally sleep hot, then hybrid and innerspring mattresses will suit you better. Or else, go with gel-infused foams. But make sure the mattress you are going to buy has some sort of feature or treatment for heat dissipation.

Edge Support

For many people, this is not the most important factor to consider at the time of buying. However, it often becomes a pressing issue over the course of use. The edges of mattresses remain under extensive use since they make the “seating part” of a bed. Mattresses with poor edge support sink real quick and get a little bit of a horizontal slant.

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses intrinsically have better edge support. Now, foam mattress manufacturers are also designing their products with reinforced edges. Better edge support makes sure you can use a mattress for longer without it getting bumpy and uneven.


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