🥇 Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed [2020 Reviews]

There is nothing worse than being stuck in bed and not being able to get comfortable is even worse. What's the best pillow for watching TV in bed?

While you're going to be able to do a lot in bed at least you can read and watch tv. If only you could see to do it.

There are several different pillow designs that can help by allowing you to sit up comfortably in bed.These can be used for reading, television or just to help GERD sufferers. They allow you to sit up while your back is properly supported so that you can see the television.


Here Are Our Top 8 Best Pillows For Watching TV In Bed For 2019:


1. Editors Top Pick - Brentwood Shagalicious Bed Pillow 

2. Best Value - LinenSpa Shredded Bed Pillow 

3. Best Premium - BedLounge Classic Bed Pillow 

4. Best Wedge Pillow - Brentwood Home Wedge Bed Pillow

5. Best Budget - Brookstone Bed Wedge 4 in 1

6. Xtra Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow

7. Cushy Form Bed Wedge Memory Foam Top Pillow

8. LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow

Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed Reviews
Brentwood Originals 1957 Shagalisciuos Bedrest, Turquoise

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Our Overall Top Pick

1. Brentwood Shagalicious Bedrest

Our Rating

Also available in the smaller Poodle size this comes in three colors and is quite soft. It feels more like a firm regular pillow than a couch pillow. This also has armrests to support your elbows as you sit and to hug your back.

There's a handle at the top which is convenient if you need to carry it around since you can also use it for extra support when watching TV on the couch.

It has a flat bottom and can stand up on its own which makes it ideal for extra comfort when sitting on the floor. While it's not washable it can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

The cover has a soft chenille-like feel to it and the colors are cute and bright which makes this ideal for kids too. The Poodle is aimed for anyone at less than 5'5 in height and smaller children and this will fit most adults.


  • 3 colors
  • 2 size options
  • standalone
  • arm supports
  • carry handle


As one of the softer choices this feels like having pillows behind you and it's quite cuddly. This is ideal for someone who may not want to sit fully up as you can simply support your head and midback with it if you slide down.

The poodle is also great if you find you're dwarfed by similar large rests. It can sit on top of a normal pillow for extra height thanks to the flat bottom.

The arm rests stop you from moving about too much and causing the pillow to slide around. The flat bottom also means you can take it with you to use on bleacher seats.


It's not washable and over time the cover starts looking very cruddy and can smell. The small version is also really small.

It is very soft and though that might not be bad for some people this means it's squishy so it only provides limited support. The quality is quite poor and over time the stitching tends to rip.

LINENSPA Shredded Foam Pillow Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing, Gaming, Reading, or Watching TV - Soft Velour Cover, Standard, Stone

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2. LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Our Rating

This is the grown-up version of the Shagalicious and it's much the same shape. It has shredded memory foam inside which provides a firmer support than the fluff but not as firm as the solid Pfeiffer.

It's a good compromise between the two and also has better ventilation than the solid foam so you don't need the expensive gel layer to stay cool.

There's also a carry handle and it's 18” high to support most of your back. The cover can be spot cleaned but it's not removable.

The foam also doesn't hold smells as easily as fluff or clump up over time which means this lasts longer, something you can see from the 3-year guarantee this also has. It's not as heavy as the Bed Lounge but it's still free standing.


  • Shredded Memory Foam
  • Plush Cover
  • 2 colors
  • Carry Handle
  • High Back


If you like the idea of the Shagalicious but have outgrown college dorm fluff then this is the next step.

It comes in a much more neutral navy or gray and provides better support for sitting up in bed to watch tv.

The memory foam does better at returning to shape than the fluff and the height is adequate for most adults that most of the back is supported.


It arrives packed flat which means it has to sit out and reshape for up to two days. There's a slight gassing off odor to it as well.

The support doesn't reach up to the neck area so you'll need another
pillow on top or one underneath to raise it. It's also double the price of the Shagalicious.

BedLounge Classic - Regular - Natural Cotton

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3. BedLounge Classic

Our Rating

This is like bringing the lounge into the bedroom and it acts like the top of a lounge chair, providing support, armrests and a headrest. It's a fair size to fit most adults and there's also a smaller size.

There are 16 different colors and the headrest also extends to support the neck while sitting up and can be adjusted forwards to cradle the head.

This has a solid frame inside to give firm support as well as firmly padded arms to support your elbows.

The covers are washable and removable and it's one of the few that are wholly made in the USA. There's also a Leg Lounge to prop your feet up that matches and you can get replacement covers for both. The entire thing folds up to be transported or stored and weights 6.5lb.


  • Headrest
  • Foldable
  • Removable/Washable covers
  • 16 Colors
  • Made in USA
  • Leg Rest


This was designed by doctors and is ideal for sitting up since it supports the entire upper body including the head, which none of the others do.

This is more than a pillow and it makes you feel like you're sitting in your favorite chair. It's designed with your back health as a priority and has the best support of all, though it is fairly firm. The smaller size option is nice for petite women or children.


The curving design means this isn't built for larger than average adults. It's a design that is either perfect or awful depending on your comfort level since it is extremely firm.

The price is certainly prohibitive in comparison and it's not great value for that. The cushion is natural latex which can cause allergy problems.

Brentwood Home Gel Infused Memory Foam Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Sleep Pillow - 100% Made in USA - CertiPUR-US - Washable Organic Cotton Cover, 8' x 24' x 24'

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4. Brentwood Home Pfeiffer Therapeutic Wedge

Our Rating

While it doesn't have arms or a fancy shape this simply wedge provides firm support with a cooling memory foam gel layer.

This is ideal for reading or sitting up when you want firmer support and it can also be flipped down and used for GERD and snoring issues as an upper-body raiser.

It has a soft knit cover that's removable and washable which makes it more sanitary than the Shagalicious. There are three size options so you can choose how far back you want to lean or how high you want to sleep.

The design supports the whole back since it has a height of 24” and you can top it off with a pillow for your head.

The cooling gel layer helps stop your back from getting sweaty from sitting against the foam. This is one of the firmer pillows you'll find but the memory foam still means you sink into it.


  • Long Line
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam
  • Removable/Washable cover
  • Three Sizes
  • GERD suitable


While many memory foam pillows have bad gassing-off this is one of the exceptions. It has a firm support for your whole back and while this might be too hard for some it's better for you.

The cover is soft and plush without being fuzzy like the Shagalicious. This looks much more like a grown-up pillow too and has versatile uses.

This could also be used to raise your upper body if you wanted to watch tv lying on your stomach with your head raised.


The cover can shrink in the wash which makes it hard to get on and off. The foam is also very firm which some people may find uncomfortable and it's not latex free.

This is more of an orthopedic pillow and it's not ideal since your head isn't supported.

Brookstone 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow with Body Conforming Memory Foam

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5. Brookstone Bed Wedge 4 in 1

Our Rating

With 4 options for how to organize this pillow you know, you can find a shape that works for you to keep you comfortable.

It's made of a high-density foam that's surrounded by memory foam to give a medium support that you can sink into.

The design is covered in a soft neutral beige material that can be spot cleaned but isn't removable. The shape can also be used for GERD or to elevate the legs.

It's quite large and will support the back and head since it's 22″ high, though you might want a pillow to sit your head forwards more.


  • GERD suitable
  • 4 shapes
  • High angle
  • Medium Support


With a flexible shape that can be flipped to fit different shapes and angles you can use this to sit up or lay on your stomach and still be supported.

It's quite firm but works well if you need the extra support
without being uncomfortably hard.


This sits your head at an uncomfortable angle unless you sit further up and add a pillow for your head.

It's very very firm and will take a few weeks to get comfortable and soft. The cover isn't removable and it snags easily, there's also no pillowcases for it and beige is the only color available.

If it wasn't for the prohibitive price of the Bed Lounge it would be the ideal pillow, but the Bed Wedge is cheaper and much more flexible since it changes shape and can be used for other supports.

The Bed Wedge is the best pillow for watching TV in bed, if you want true support but if you just want something casual and fun the Shagalicious is a good cheap option.

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