Best Sleeping Headphones in 2017

Whether you're trying to drown out your partner's snoring or you simply can't sleep without some sort of background noise headphones are a great way to keep your sounds to yourself, but finding the right shape to sleep comfortably can be difficult and even then they may not stay in/on your ears.

If you're looking at headphones for ASMR you also need good quality of sound to produce the triggers correctly. Traditional headphones slide off and don't always have the right quality of sound.

Most ASMR artists put a lot of work into creating their sounds and without having good quality headphones you'll be unable to listen to the real quality. Good headphones aren't cheap, and you'll want to have something with noise canceling or similar at a minimum

Best Sleeping Headphones Comparison Table

NameHighlightsCord LengthRating 
SleepphonesVery Comfortable4 feet3.6/5
Bedphones Gen. 3Microphone-3/5
CozyPhonesMultipurpose4.9 feet4.3/5
AGPtEK Ultra SoftEye Mask Design4.9 feet4.1/5
Bose QuietComfortHigh Quality Audio3.9 feet4.5/5

Best Sleeping Headphones Reviews

SleepPhones SC5BM Midnight Black

Built in to a comfortable headband to make sure they stay in place this can also double as an eye mask. The quality of sound is pretty good and the band comes in two different fabric options.

It's comfortable and even if you're sleeping on your side you won't feel them in there. At a reasonable price they're a good buy and you can also get them in a wireless bluetooth version for a little more.

– 4ft Cord
– Wicking Cloud Fabric
– Soft headband/eye mask
– thin profile

Pros: With a thin disk profile these are comfortable even for side sleepers. The option of having different bands mean that even if you get hot at night the Breeze version will keep you from getting sweaty.

The cable is a little short but it's braided so that it doesn't get tangled which is convenient. There are also three headband sizes so you know you'll be able to get something to fit.

Cons: The cord is somewhat awkward and the bluetooth version is better. The location of the headphones isn't adjustable so if you don't fit their “standard head” the sound might not actually be going in your ears properly.

The cable is also a bit too short to be comfortable leaving your phone anywhere further than under your pillow.


At the same price as the SleepPhones these are more like slightly thinner versions of standard over ear headphones.

They're 1/4” thick and considered to be the thinnest in the world so that they lay flat against your ear. The hooks are made of rubberized wire which is adjustable and they also come with a carry case.

They're available in two colors and there's an optional inline microphone with remote and satin eye mask.

– 50” cable
– Adjustable wires
– carry case and eye mask

Pros: With hooks to make sure they stay on your ear through the night these are ideal for sleepers who move a lot.

The adjustable wires mean you can tighten them to comfort level and not worry about them coming off. There's also a bluetooth version with an app to control various functions and sound levels.

Cons: The volume isn't very loud because they don't fit into the ear canal. The wire can also press on the back of the ear which is uncomfortable for long wear.

The customer service from the company is also quite poor and they tend to give out quickly. The hooks too are the weakest spot which is likely to develop a short if you adjust them often.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

These are similar to the SleepPhones but about half the price. They are actually much thinner and the headband itself is washable which is much more sanitary.

They can also double as a sleep mask and have lycra built in to make them stay on your head better. The cost is a nice 1.5m length that's braided so it won't short easily.

You can also get these in a fun kids size with monster faces. They're comfortable even as a side sleeper

– Braided cord
– Several Colors
– 1.5m cable
– travel bag

Pros: The lycra is nice and breathable and being washable it's more sanitary than most. They also have a mesh lining which helps wick moisture away.

The headphones themselves are fairly large so they cover the ear and the larger band size means they work well as an eye mask too. They're lightweight and don't tangle.

The headband isn't as heavy as the SleepPhones since it's not made of fleece and is much less noticeable to wear.

Cons: The headband is one size which means it can be too big for some, you can slide an elasticated band inside to make it easier but you shouldn't have to.

The black dye also comes o ff on contact which is inconvenient and bad if you have light colored sheets but there's a white version too that doesn't stain. The sound isn't perfect and they're not noise canceling.

AGPtEK Ultra Soft Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

AGPtEK is an ideal solution for someone who doesn't want to wear a thick headband but usually wears a sleep mask anyway. This is breathable and blocks out all light. The speakers are HD and the position can be adjusted so that you're getting the sound perfectly.

The cable is a whopping 5ft long and there's also a volume remote on it. Perfect if you don't want to sleep with your phone too close. There's also a 30 day money back guarantee.

It feels like a normal sleep mask on and has sponge inside to keep it from getting sweaty. The tapes are also adjustable so it can fit any head.

– Adjustable
– Breathable
– 59” braided cord
– Washable
– Carry case

Pros: It does great at blocking light out so it's perfect for someone who has previously struggled to keep an eye mask and headphones on at the same time. The adjustable design makes it great for all sized heads.

The HD speakers give a fuller and more rich sound compared to other brands even though they're still pretty cheap in comparison.

The speakers themselves can also be adjusted to where they sit on your head and the carry case is convenient. It's also washable which is more sanitary. The braided cord is more durable than a single cord and is also less likely to get knotted up.

Cons: The speakers aren't particularly loud and there's no way to stop the mask sliding down as you sleep since the headphones prevent it hooking onto the ears. The velcro has to be exactly right when closed or it also gets caught in longer hair.

They're rather cheaply made and while this means they're lightweight it also means they tend to break quickly. The headphones can also only be adjusted so much so they may not fit for a smaller head.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Headphones

These are in a whole other league when it comes to price and with good reason. Bose is one of the best names in sound and these headphones provide some of the best quality and in-depth sound available as sleep headphones.

The noise canceling actively reduces external sound and there's also an aware mode that lets you lower the volume if you need to to check what's going on without removing your earphones.

They have Stay Hear tips to keep the headphones in your ear canal and are silicone to make them conform better for comfort (which you can also buy spares and other sizes if needed). There are two versions available – one for apple and one for android.

– Life-like sound
– Active EQ noise canceling
– Silicone tips
– Android/apple designated
– 3 pairs stay hear tips
– charging cable and carry case

Pros: The wires are thick and sturdy so they won't split and last longer. It also has bright indicator lights so you know when to charge it. The headphones can also be used while charging. The noise canceling works perfectly and the quality of sound is incredible in comparison.

They're low profile and fit into the ear canal so even side sleepers won't notice they're in. The three sizes of silicone also allow these to be fitted in for better sound no matter what size your ear is because it creates a seal between your ear and the outside world.

The active noise canceling is great to check on what's going on around you and for safety purposes.

Cons: These aren't bluetooth or wireless, which can be confusing since you still have to charge them. The cable isn't particularly long and the price is somewhere between prohibitive and extortionate.

not a lot of bad to say about these because Bose is a top brand with great quality.


Without a doubt the best sound comes from the Bose headphones, however, since they're essentially regular earbuds some people may not find them comfortable for sleeping in.

The design of the AGPtEK eye mask is clearly the best when it comes to sleep and sound together in one and it's adjustable.

The best sleeping headphones therefore combine something to help you sleep and not just a headband to keep them in place

Hey, I'm Lauren, a certified sleep therapist and avid dreamer! I help people to get back to those deep, dream-filled sleeps they remember by helping to identify problems with their routine and bedroom setup.


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