Best Tempurpedic Pillow in Review 2017

Tempurpedic is the number one name when it comes to memory foam, when their matrresses came on the market a few years ago they were innovative, clever, and considered to be a revolution in an industry that has relied on spring technology for hundreds of years.

Memory foam pillows come in two types – shredded and one piece. Shredded pillows tend to be more expensive but will last longer and are more moldable than one piece.

The one piece design is often quite lofty which can be uncomfortable for stomach sleepers too.

The biggest issue most new users find with memory foam pillows is that there is quite a bad off gassing from them initially and this can cause a lot of irritation and symptoms in the first few nights of use.

The reason so many choose these pillows is that they are great for people with allergies, can be machine washed, and generally provide better support than conventional pillows.

If you're looking to try one to improve your sleep check out these Tempurpedic Pillow Reviews and see which one is the best.

Symphony PillowAllergen and Mite-Resistant25 x 17 x 5.5 inches5.2 pounds3.8/5
Essential SupportRemovable and Washable Cover21.5 x 16 x 4.3 inches4.2 pounds3.9/5
The Neck PillowDeveloped by Doctors19 x 12.5 x 4 inches1.5 pounds3.8/5
Cloud Soft and ConformingSupports all Sleeping Positions25.5 x 7.6 x 15.8 inches6.5 pounds4/5
High Profile Enhanced Therapeutic Qualities20.1 x 13.9 x 4.6 inches3.9 pounds3.8/5

Best Tempurpedic Pillow Reviews

Symphony Pillow

A soft and plushy pillow that is double sided. One side has a slight arch to it for additional support if you're a back sleeper while the other side is more traditional for side sleepers. Both are designed to relieve pressure on the neck and spine.

This is one of the softer pillows the company offers and is allergen and mite resistant as well as being machine washable.

It has a zip off cover and is made of 100% visco-elastic polyurethane foam that is made in the USA. The cover is a cotton, elastane and polyester mix.

It comes in several sizes, though this is the standard. It's about a medium firmness that conforms to your head and neck without going flat. It has a weightiness that standard pillows don't and also comes in queen sized.

– 5.1lb

– Medium Firmness

– Anti-allergen and mite

– 100% Polyurethane foam

– Removable cover

– Standard size – 25”x17'x5.5”

– Solid

Pros: While it might take you a few days to get used to the difference between this and a standard pillow it's much more comfortable for side sleepers because it's designed to provide support just for that. It's firm and won't loose its shape.

These have around a 3 year life which is also much better than most standard pillows, especially since you don't have to worry about allergens or mold developing from washing it.

Many users have noted that it helps with headaches and neck pain too so it can give you so much more relief than just a better nights sleep. The foam bounces back well so you don't have to “fluff” it like a standard pillow.

Cons: It's not a cheap pillow and that can be rather prohibitive, though if you consider the fact that it will last longer than a standard pillow it will even out.

The pillow is extremely firm compared to the conventional fluff filling and it can simply be too hard to be comfortable for some. The size is also quite small seeming since it's not as thick or poofy as a standard pillow which means it's not very cuddly.

It's rather hard to wash unless you have a front loading machine as it doesn't submerge well and takes forever to dry.

The outer pillowcase is also a little larger than the pillow itself which wrinkles up and can be uncomfortable with another on top

Essential Support Pillow

One of the lightest and cheapest of the Tempur pillows this is also somewhat hard but it's thinner than the Symphony. It's firm but not enough to make your face feel smushed if you're a front sleeper.

It's quite a soft pillow but it holds it's shape well so you won't have to push it into shape and it provides a lot of support despite being thin.

This is great if you don't like a pillow with a lot of loft to it. This is better for back sleepers because of this and side sleepers may find it's too flat to be comfortable and puts their neck at a bad angle.

It comes with a knit cover that is breathable and helps to protect the pillow since it's not washable but the cover is.

– Knit washable/removable cover

– 100% Polyurethane foam

– Solid

– Standard – 23”x16”x4.25”

– 3lb

Pros: With a slimmer profile than the standard pillow this is for those who prefer not to have a lot of loft but still want something to bury their face into.

The softer feeling makes this ideal for cuddling (though there's not a lot there to work with). It's quite small so will work better if you don't toss or move as your head may slip off.

It's just the right softness for those who are intimidated by solid foam pillows but don't want a lot of loft.

Cons: While it's a solid foam pillow it's not as good as some of the others when it comes to being supportive. The softer foam is really too soft for most people considering the thinness you might as well not have a pillow at all.

The Neck Pillow

This is actually one of the most expensive Tempur pillows despite having been around the longest. It's designed with a special ergonomic shape to help align the spine and relax the shoulders. It's designed for back sleepers and is contoured solid foam.

The design is mite and allergen resistant and it has a removable, washable cover. It's very supportive of the neck and head and perfect for anyone who suffers from persistent neck pain.

Because of the design it's really not suited for those who sleep in any position other than on their back and it does take some getting used to.

There's two models including a low loft and high loft so that you can find the perfect pillow for your neck height, it's also available as a travel pillow with a storage pouch and weighs a dainty 2lb.

– 2lb
– Shredded
– 19”x13”x4”
– 100% Polyurethane viscoelastic Foam
– Removable cover
– Anti-allergen & Mite
– USA Made

Pros: With a cell design that allows for ventilation this is also the ideal pillow to stop your head getting too hot.

It's designed to be sensitive to both temperature and weight so that it can cradle perfectly while still letting your skin breathe. The standard size fits most people and the cotton cover is removable. It's light and small which makes it great for travel

Cons: This is one of the pillows that has the worst off gassing and it can take weeks to dissipate. It's especially strong for some reason and is very offputting, especially considering this is often the most expensive Tempur pillow.

These are also rarely stocked in store so it can be hard to determine which size you want, since it is a small pillow.

It's quite a soft pillow too so while it does cradle the head it's a cradling motion that sinks your head into the foam which isn't very firm and may not be comfortable. Others may find it too hard because of the solid foam design

Cloud Soft and Conforming Queen Pillow

A larger size pillow that's available in King and Queen size. It's solid foam and has a quilted cotton cover.

The pillow has quite a high loft that won't flatten with use. It's designed like a standard pillow so you can sleep on it anyway that is comfortable. It's rather pricey but still cheaper than a down pillow.

The high loft is better for those who prefer to sleep with their heads slightly raised which may affect those with neck problems even though your head remains in a neutral position.

It's quite solid and about a medium softness that's between the neck pillow and the essential support.

– Solid
– 100% Polyurethane foam
– Machine Washable
– Quilted, Hypoallergenic Cover
– 19”x27”x6.4”

Pros: Despite having a certain heftiness to it this feels like a regular pillow to sleep on but with more support.

They're also reversible which means you'll get the same pressure no matter which side you sleep on and you can still “flip” the pillow for a cooler side at night.

The quilted outside adds a luxurious look and a nice texture which the foam keeps its shape well. This is a good pillow to get if you like your head to feel cradled as the softness means your head will sink right in. This makes it one of the few pillows which may be suited to stomach sleepers.

Cons: The cost is quite expensive in comparison to other Tempur pillows, and it's definitely one of the pricier ones.

It's quite hot to sleep on and doesn't have the hex foam cells that provide ventilation like the neck pillow.

It's extremely soft compared to most of the others because of the “Cloud” foam design so your head sinks right in. As with most Tempur models this has a slight gassing off, but it's definitely not as bad as some of the other models.

High Profile Standard Pillow

This is the basic, essential Tempur pillow. It's got a similar design to the neck pillow but is significantly larger. It has the dual lobe design that cups the head and neck which relaxes the shoulders while supporting the head. It's ideal for back and side sleepers but not for stomach sleepers.

This is designed to promote an anatomically correct spine posture for those who prefer (or because of their anatomy) want a slightly higher pillow.

This is ideal for shoulder sleepers because of the higher loft and it's solid enough that you won't get a lot of compression to it.

This is the pillow to choose if you've checked out the Side Pillow from Tempur and don't feel it's high enough for you as it's more of a solid support rather than a medium support.

– High Loft 20”x14”x4.75”
– 3lb Dual Lobe shape
– Shredded
– Mite and Allergen Resistant
– Removable/washable cover

Pros: This is one of the higher pillows that Tempur offers and it's perfect for someone with a larger frame who needs a higher pillow.

These take a couple of days to break in so they can be a little firm at first but will soften. The design maintains it's shape well and because it's shredded rather than solid you can reshape it when necessary.

It's quite warm since air gets trapped in the shredded design but works well for those will allergies because of being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Cons: This is another model that has an issue with off gassing and it can take a couple of weeks to lessen. These have a “life” of about three years.

The loft on these is pretty high, and while that's the intention it's too high for a lot of sleepers so it's worth checking out the height if you can first before purchasing or it may be uncomfortable on your neck.

This is not a cradling pillow, it's already shaped so it doesn't sink or conform to your head. The pillow is also quite warm.


Tempurpedic pillows are in a league of their own. They are the original foam pillows and while they now have plenty of different designs the concept has stayed the same – to provide great head and neck support.

The best Tempurpedic pillow is going to be one that supports your head and neck based on your sleeping pattern. For back sleepers the Neck Pillow is ideal and will provide plenty of support.

For side sleepers something like the High Profile pillow is probably better because it allows room for the shoulders.

Most Tempur pillows are not suited for stomach sleepers because of the shape, however, the Cloud pillow is soft enough to allow your head to settle in and work.

Hey, I'm Lauren, a certified sleep therapist and avid dreamer! I help people to get back to those deep, dream-filled sleeps they remember by helping to identify problems with their routine and bedroom setup.


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