Best Wedge Pillow in 2017 Reviews


Wedge Pillows are a simple and effective solution for anyone who suffers with acid reflux or GERD. While common treatments can give you some relief the wedge pillow works by elevating the head slightly so that gravity can prevent the acid getting into the esophagus in the first place.

The pillows work for back and side sleepers and have an angle between 30-45 degrees. They usually last a couple of years and have been shown to be effective as treatment.

In fact the Mayo Clinic suggests them to be used from the waist up if you can't elevate the bed itself. 15 years ago these were impossible to find outside of medical websites and they were basic. Now consumers want more and you can get a plush, comfortable version that's so much more than a foam block.

You want to have one that supports your entire torso (24-30” long) so which is comfortable will be particularly dependent on your height and torso length.

You might also find that small wedges are great for breastfeeding and pregnancy as these can keep baby in place and give you some comfort by relieving pressure on your lower back by supporting your bump.

InteVision Foam WedgeCan be used for foot or leg elevation26 x 25 x 7.5 inches3.8 pounds4.2/5
InteVision OrthoHigh Quality Cover Included8 x 21 x 24 inches3.5 pounds4.5/5
Drive MedicalFolds23 x 23 x 12 inches3.9 pounds4.1/5
Petite Trellis GreyPerfect For Pregnant Women14.8 x 12.1 x 4.3 inches0.5 pounds4.2/5
BrentwoodHypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant24 x 24 x 10 inches3.4 pounds4.3/5

Best Wedge Pillow Reviews

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow


A solid foam pillow that's made with a 1” memory foam layer on top to provide softer comfort. Itprovides a firm base with a cushioned top so you don't feel like you're sleeping on a big block. This is designed to help with acid reflux and snoring but has enough support to be good for pregnancy too.

It's got a simple machine washable cover but you can also buy a 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton cover as well. The memory foam layer is designed with channels into it to provide ventilation and to stop you getting too hot.

This is a gentle sloping pillow and not as extreme of an angle as an ortho pillow and is only 27º incline. It does arrive compressed and will need a day to reform. It works for side sleepers as well, though it can be a little stiff as this is a firm pillow.

– 27º Angle
– 25”x24”x12”
– 1” Memory Foam
– Removable/Washable Cover

Pros: With only a small angle this is the ideal pillow if you want to be able to add a plush or soft standard pillow on top. It's quite thick and wide enough for most sleepers to be comfortable.

This is one of the cheaper pillows and it's ideal if you need it for medical recovery since it won't cost you as much as the orthopedic ones. It's well made and while it's not easy to do it can be rolled back up into a small size for easier storage.

Cons: The cover provides a sleek layer between you and the memory foam so it can't cup you and it will cause you to slide down during the night.

It takes a while to get used to and to get comfortable and it's impossible to sleep on your stomach with this pillow. It's very firm and slightly smaller than a single bed which means it's not great for dressing into the sheet either since you'll have gaps.

Intevision Ortho Bed Wedge

With a similar design to the simple foam wedge this is a firm foam block covered in a 1” memory foam layer for comfort. It's firm but has less of an incline with a flat top so you can put your own pillow to determine just how soft or how comfortable you want to be.

This shape also helps prevent you from slipping down while sleeping. The cover is removable, washable and there's also a 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton cover as well. It's wide enough to put both feet up on and to sleep comfortably.

There's enough foam support that it feels cushioned without feeling soft and this helps it to be more supportive. It's not expensive either, despite being orthopedic.

– 21”x24”x8”
– 45º
– Flat on top for pillow or feet
– Removable/Washable cover

Pros: This is significantly firmer than the wedge alone and it's almost too firm for sleeping on without something to support your feet as well. It's not suitable for stomach sleepers and is odd for side sleeping.

This is definitely designed more for feet and for those who need to sleep sitting up but prefer the softness of a regular pillow for their head. As for using it for feet it's ideal for elevating the thighsand feet and wide enough for both.

The only snag is that it's rather short. It also doesn't have that traditional gassing-off that other memory foam does because it's only a thin layer.

Cons: Like the Foam Wedge you'll need to let this expand for a few hours to get it's actual shape once it's unpacked.

It's not the longest pillow and if you're using it for feet rather than to treat GERD then you'll end up with your feet off the edge of it if you're taller than 5'7, and there's no longer version available if you're taller than that. It's quite a steep angle and you'll be practically sitting up if you lean against it.

Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge 12” Blue

This is a convertible wedge that combines both the ortho design and a simple slope. It's ideal to elevate the upper body and support the head and folds into a block shape for easier storage. It comes in three sizes (7,10,12”) so you can choose your comfortable height and is convenient for traveling.

This is a small wedge that is wide enough to sleep on and alleviate GERD symptoms and is very firm. This is a foam wedge but it's missing the memory foam cover that the Intevision ones offer.

It's a cloth cover but there's no removable case and it's quite rough so you'll want to put something over it or dress it into the sheets.

The cover is removable too.

– 30/45º slope
– different configurations
– 3 different sizes available
– removable/washable cover
– 23”x23”x12”

Pros: With the most customizations available this is the ideal choice if you're not sure what you want exactly since you'll get both the simple wedge and the ortho wedge in one.

The price is about the same and while it's missing the memory foam layer that makes this a lot cooler to lay on as it won't reflect body heat back.

This has a longer design so it works better for taller users. It's medical grade and much sturdier than the Intevision versions. It has three usable positions and stores easily when folded.

Cons: It's a pretty hard pillow and without the memory foam it's almost like lying on carpet. It's not comfortable for most people because it's very, very firm.

The smoothness of the design also means you're likely to slip down when trying to sleep on it. It's also quite heavy which makes it difficult to move. It's also quite narrow which makes it impossible to sleep on if you move a lot.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Petite

Also known as mommy's best friend, this is an ideal way to alleviate the stretch on your skin and the stress on your back from baby belly when you're trying to get comfortable.

The wedge shape slides under your belly to provide support, between your legs to alleviate pressure, and can be used when sitting up to support your lower back.

It's very versatile. It has a removable and washable slipcover and is small enough to travel with you anywhere.

It's firm and foamy so you won't feel pressure spots when using it. This is firmer than memory foam so it won't compress and provides better support even though it's also polyurethane.

It's also ideal to dress into an infant bed which helps relieve acid reflux issues.

– 15”x12”x4”
– Solid Foam
– Removable/washable cover

Pros: As it's not memory foam it doesn't make you feel hot or sweaty. It's ideal for later in pregnancy when the ligaments are at their most stressed and doesn't take up as much space as a full sized pillow.

The size is great for traveling and versatile enough that you can keep using it after pregnancy as a back support. The washable cover is a lifesaver and it comes from a brand with a good reputation for their baby products.

Cons: This has significant gassing out, and it's also got some questionable materials in it which may cause problems during pregnancy. It's very firm, too firm for some, and it's quite small which may not work for larger or taller moms.

It flattens out easily with too much weight which stops it being supportive and makes it unsuited for heavier users.

The cover is also quite rough so it needs to be under a sheet or cover if you're using it in a crib. The biggest complaint about this is that it's small, and it really is, this is the size of a travel pillow and it's not much better and around the same price.

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge

This is similar to the Intevision wedge, only it's got three different heights available for maximum comfort. It has a soft, knit cover which is washable/removable and comes in three size options. It's firm and works for both feet and legs, though you'll want something to support your feet.

It's made of a slightly smushy viscoelastic foam that's similar to memory foam. The foam is CertiPUR foam which is made without many of the toxic additives used in memory foam which create the gassing off so you don't have to worry about “airing it out” before use.

It holds its shape well and is great for reading in bed or sleeping upright. The wedge it pretty wide which makes it comfortable for most sleepers and there's also a version with a gel memory foam layer which is softer than the foam alone.

– USA Made
– Latex Coated 7,10,12” heights
– CertiPUR foam
– 24”x24”x10”30º

Pros: The biggest bonus of this pillow is that it's not got that awful gassing off odor that most foams come with. It's a good angle to sit up in bed and is firm enough that you won't sink into it.

The angle is comfortable without putting pressure on your hips and it works well for GERD sufferers.

The removable cover helps to keep allergens down and it's soft enough that you don't need an additional pillowcase.

Cons: Depending which version you get it can be covered in latex which can be a big problem causing irritation and allergy issues.

The foam itself is covered so there's no way to remove it. It takes a while to spring back into shape since it ships compressed.

It may be too hard for some people also without the gel memory foam layer as this helps provide a slight springiness that is more supportive.

It's impossible to sleep on your stomach with this pillow and it's not comfortable for shoulder sleeping either since it doesn't conform to the neck.

You can't buy new pillowcases for it either which means you'll either need to compromise and try and find another model's case to fit or have one made.


The best wedge pillow for you depends a lot on what you plan no using it for. Obviously something as big as the Drive Medical isn't going to work as a pregnancy pillow as well as the Boppy would.

The Drive Medical is the most versatile as far as shape but the Brentwood Home certainly has the most customizations available even if you can't get cases for it.

The best wedge pillow overall is the Brentwood because you can choose sizes based on exactly what you need and add things like memory foam or gel. It's also the only one that uses the CertiPur foam which isn't as toxic as the others.

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