How Sleepedia Works

The Sleepedia Mission

It's simple. Sleepedia is all about sleep and more specifically improving the lives of others by helping you to choose the right products, take the right actions and make the right decisions.

Sleepedia exists because of YOU, the reader.You are why we exist and why we put so much time and effort into research the very best products and information you need to get a great nights sleep.

Running Sleepedia isn't cheap, from website servers and hosting, to storage space and product testing and all the little things in between.

To help pay for these expenses, Sleepedia uses referral links for many of the products and companies reviewed on this site. It doesn't matter if the product costs $5 or $500, I treat all products the same and review them without bias…which means you get my trusted opinion and the information you need to get the very best for your needs.

The products you see on Sleepedia are the same ones we'd recommend to friends and family and by clicking on the links we will receive a small commission should you choose to buy. The price you pay remains the same, and often much cheaper if you use one of our mattress coupons.

Zero Advertising

In order to maintain our unbiased view, we refuse to accept paid advertising on the site. Which means companies cannot pay to have their products reviewed by us. We do have some companies who choose to send us their products for us to review, however, they understand they are all treated the same and must pass my our high standards to be considered.

How To Support Us

You can support our work by simply reading about the products that interest you via our buyer guides, and purchasing the products we have chosen through the links on our pages.

We only exist, because of readers just like you, who read our content, share and like us on Facebook and send us questions and experiences via our contact form.

Our Deals

As a way to say thank you for being here and supporting Sleepedia, we've negotiated some mega discounts with some of the largest bedding companies online.

The list below is not exhaustive, so please check out our coupons and promo codes page for even more mega deals.

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