Best Mattress Pad For Bedsores [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on December 8, 2020

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There’s nothing in this world that’s as fractious and irritable as a bad night’s sleep, and that problem is compounded when you have bedsores. That’s where pressure-relieving mattress pads come into the picture and become an integral part of treatment for individuals or patients who’re confined to bed rest for an extended time. There are several kinds of mattress pads available in the market, but there’s no single type that’s effective in all situations. There are three main problems that you may encounter depending on the material of the mattress pad, which include: Some materials or plastic covers make people sweaty and hot

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The mattress pad makes the bed higher and that makes it difficult to transfer patients from one bed to the other Some mattress pads have uneven transfer surfaces The standard mattress used in hospital beds can be uncomfortable for some individuals, especially those who are confined to spend most of their time bedridden. Moisture and pressure combine to create uncomfortable pressure sores, which are very uncomfortable for patients.

Most caregivers tend to use special mattress pads for bedsores to treat pressure sores or ulcers. Early use of pressure relief mattress pads can prevent small ulcers from becoming infected wounds and blisters. Without these mattress pads, the ulcers pose a very real threat to the health of the individual since these wounds can result in tissue death in the affected areas. The good news is that there are several different types available in the market, and we’re going to highlight and review 5 of the best mattress pads for bedsores you can buy today.Go through these best mattress toppers that cool and add much-needed sleep and peace to your nights

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Our Top 5 Mattress Pad for Bedsores


Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress

The Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress 5-inch air topper pad is made from 16 sealed air chambers that use variable pressure pumps to alleviate pressure points on loved ones or patients who are bedridden. You can customize the overall amount of air pressure for personal comfort with pressure dials that are located on the pump. You can also adjust the settings from soft to firm depending on your preference. It comes with a waterproof vinyl cover that protects the pressure mattress and is latex-free, so the waterproof vinyl cover easily slips over the air cells. This breathable cover allows heat to dissipate for patient cover and is durably designed and easy to cover. On top of that, Vive also offers you with a 60-day guarantee, so you can purchase this mattress pad with confidence. The mattress pad can support up to 320 pounds and the pressure pump has two non-marking hooks that allow the pump to be attached easily to the foot of the bed



Alleviates pressure spots and bedsores


Variable pressure and firmness


Ultra-quiet pump


Waterproof vinyl cover



Tubes are large, which may be uncomfortable for some people

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Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper

The Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air pressure mattress and the pump is the #1 doctor recommended product for the relief of bedsores and ulcers. It’s the best choice for individuals who are on extended bed rest and all you need to do is lay the mattress pad on top of any mattress and be ready to enjoy a night of peaceful sleep. It consists of 130 pre-programmed air cells, and the air pump uses a proprietary algorithm to dictate the movement of every cell to allow constant airflow and circulation throughout the body.  The revolutionary Air-Lift Technology used in this mattress pad eliminates pressure points on the body, promotes blood circulation and helps create a cooler sleep surface for optimum comfort. It also has advanced Sleep-Wave Therapy that employs soothing wave-like motions to relax your muscles and helps to create a therapeutic experience for its users. The Whisper Quiet Pump comes with customizable controls that will help you enjoy a full night’s comfortable sleep.



Effective sleep solution for patients with painful pressure ulcers


Relieves pressure and prevents skin maceration


Promotes blood circulation


Allows you to enjoy a night of comfortable and peaceful sleep



The mattress stays firm even on the lowest setting.

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Alternating Pressure Mattress Pad for Twin Beds

The Alternating Pressure Mattress Pad for Twin Beds is essential for those who must spend long periods on the bed and are at risk of developing bedsores. The pad offers welcome relief by automatically altering the pressure against the person’s body without the need to constantly turn them. It has 21 body support tubes that continually change the pressure and help in improving circulation. The pad is quiet, portable and safe, but doesn’t require any maintenance making it ideal for use in hospitals or for home beds. It doesn’t include a pump and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, along with a 5.5-foot connector tube. The mattress can be programmed to inflate and deflate at set intervals, which helps to encourage healthy blood flow to any area where pressure is applied. The mattress pad has double sealed vinyl seams for maximum strength and durability, and the tough, long-lasting 16-gauge vinyl with embossed finish makes it the best choice for you.



Helps improve circulation and alleviate bedsores


21 body support tubes continually change the pressure


Safe, effective, portable and virtually maintenance-free



It isn’t the most durable mattress pad on the market

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DMI Convoluted Foam Bed Pad Mattress Topper

The DMI Convoluted Foam bed pad mattress topper is a soft foam bed topper that’s been designed for comfort and has a sculpted medical-grade foam that provides great air circulation and weight distribution. It helps to prevent pressure sores and the egg crate design helps in preventing bedsores and decubitus ulcers. It provides superior weight distribution and air circulation and increases comfort while reducing pressure sores and more. It’s simple to use as all you need to do is unroll the pad and let it sit for a couple of hours until it expands to its maximum size. It’s the ideal mattress pad for patients and loved ones who are on long-term bed rest.



Designed for comfort 


Helps prevent pressure sores


Provides great weight distribution and air circulation



Some people have found that the mattress pad doesn’t perform as advertised

Latest deal: DMI Convoluted Foam Bed Pad Mattress Topper


Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

The Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress for medical bed is another great mattress pad for pressure sore and ulcer relief. It comes with an ultra-quiet pump and pad topper, while producing constant airflow, with the variable pump offering multiple time cycles, with each cycle being approximately 6 minutes long. The mattress pad has been designed to be easy to clean with its waterproof surface and provides firm support through its adjustable cyclic airflow system, which helps you achieve restful sleep. This alternating pressure mattress and pump system has been approved by the FDA and is designed to provide you with relief from bedsores and ulcers that are caused by prolonged bed rest. There is a lifetime warranty on the electric pump, which is equipped with 135 individually heat-sealed air bubbles for even weight distribution and superior comfort.



Alleviates ulcers and bedsores


Quiet and lifetime warranty pump


Premium design


You could have some issues with the pump system

Latest deal: Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Mattress Pad for Bedsores Buyers Guide

Pressure relief mattresses for bedsores become a necessary tool for people who are confined to bed rest for extended periods. They are an important tool for preventing the formation of bedsores and pressure ulcers and help in distributing body weight evenly when promoting proper circulation. There are several things you must consider when choosing a mattress pad for bedsores, the most important being whether you should go with hi-tech or low-tech mattress designs.

Hi-Tech Mattresses

These are pressure adjustable mattresses that can be inflated and deflated according to the physical needs or preferences of the patient.

Low-Tech Mattresses

These mattresses along with their supports and overlays are filled with either gel, foam, fiber, air, or water, and their pressure isn’t adjustable. You should consider all these factors when you’re thinking about buying a pressure mattress pad for bedsores.

What Mattress Filler to Get?

You can choose between water, air, fiber, gel, or foam for the mattress filler, and since each filler has its own benefits it all comes down to the preferences and physical needs of the patient. We’re going to cover each of the materials to give you a better idea:


Water has the unique ability to conform to the body of the user and evenly distribute pressure. That’s the reason why most individuals prefer having a water mattress pad for bedsores over other low-tech options since it affords them optimized comfort and pressure relief.


Air-filled mattresses, also known as ROHO mattresses provide you with the choice to either inflate or deflate the mattress at different times and places. This is mainly done to either increase or decrease the pressure based on the comfort and skincare needs of the patient.

Foam Filled

Foam-filled mattresses come with their unique advantages, as they can be cross-cut, meaning that the cells of the mattress can shift along with the body of the patient. That reduces the possibility of shearing and when this occurs the outer layer of the skin will pull when the patient shifts and that would lead to skin tears and eventually an infection.

Gel Filled

A lot of people find gel mattresses to be comfortable and cushioned, and similar to memory foam, the gel conforms to the body of the user. Most people also enjoy the sensation of sinking deeply into the surface of their mattress.

Patient Movement – High Movement or Limited?

Bedsores or decubitus ulcers tend to form when constricted or pinched blood vessels on pressure spots are deprived of nutrients and oxygen. That causes them to break down, and when a person doesn’t move a lot and self-adjust their position on their bed, it increases their risk of bedsores forming. Individuals who are completely immobile and require assistance to move and shift in bed need to have a hi-tech mattress pad, which helps adjust their position periodically.

That will help prevent ulcers, and these mattresses can also be inflated and deflated at set times depending on the comfort needs and positioning of the patient. Most pressure mattress pads can also be set to automatically adjust at fixed intervals, which guarantees that no area of the body remains under pressure for a significant amount of time. Most hi-tech mattress pads are zoned, which allows them to separate adjustments for different areas of the body at the same time.

To take complete advantage of your pressure relief mattress pad, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of successfully preventing bedsores from developing on your skin. Here’s what you must practice: Keep your bedding wrinkle-free Keep the skin dry and clean. Protect your skin from shearing by applying talcum powder at points of friction. You can also apply lotion to dry skin and prevent the dragging that results in shearing injuries. Watch for tiny items that may inadvertently make their way into your bed and irritate the skin. These can be simple things like buttons on clothing, which may cause injury to the skin that is already delicate.

When you’re considering buying a pressure relief mattress pad, bear in mind that some mattresses are easier to clean than others. So, if incontinence is going to be a problem, you may want to consider ease of cleaning when making your selection. For that reason, a waterproof mattress pad may be the best choice for you. Another important factor is considering how ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ a patient is going to be when sleeping on the mattress pad. Some people tend to sweat more than others and would prefer a cooler sleeping environment, while some may prefer a warmer sleeping environment. Gel and water mattresses are great at helping conduct heat away from the body and are a safe choice for people who tend to overheat quickly. However, some people may find them to be a little too cold.

On the other hand, foam mattresses are known for holding body heat and should be avoided if you tend to overheat a lot when sleeping. They are the perfect choice for individuals who want to sleep in a warmer environment.

Features to Look for When Buying a Pressure Relief Mattress Pad

There are several factors and features that you must look at when you’re buying a pressure relief mattress pad for bedsores. Most pressure relief mattress pads help in distributing pressure in numerous ways, which include conformity, moisture absorption, and reduction of shear. To help you out, we’re going to highlight some important factors and features you must consider when choosing an appropriate pressure relief mattress pad for bedsores.

Products that are made from gel, air, water, and memory foam will move and conform to the movement and shape of the body. However, such products reduce the ability to relieve pressure by leaning to one side as the surface tends to move with the user.


Users who find it difficult to maintain balance will find that mattress pads that conform quickly to the body and move don’t feel safe. They can also make it difficult to transfer on and off from surfaces quickly. If users need to push down on any transfer surface to gain leverage, the contents are going to move when the bodyweight is lifted and the support is going to disappear.


If a mattress pad is too thin or soft, it can get compressed and allow the skin to meet the surface beneath, which removes the pressure-relieving qualities. That’s known as bottoming-out, and the best way to prevent that is to turn the mattress over on its other side regularly.

Shear Forces

Some mattresses are designed to reduce shear forces as much as possible. Mattresses that have an individual balloon or egg-box shaped surfaces or foam mattresses that have a cross-cut surface manage to move with the body so that the pull on the outer layer of the skin is decreased.


When the heat increases the threat of ulcers also increases, so patients who get sweaty and hot may want to use a mattress pad that keeps the surface temperature of the skin cool. Gel and water help conduct heat away from the area, but gel could be too cold for some people. Too much cold isn’t a good thing as it may cause the metabolism of cells forming the skin cells to slow down, which will prevent them from absorbing quickly.

Standard foam mattresses and bead-filled mattresses should be avoided by people who tend to get hot easily since they don’t circulate air properly and retain heat. These mattresses are ideal for people who feel the cold and want their mattress pad to act as insulation.

Moisture Absorption

The amount of moisture produced by an individual relates to the amount of heat produced, and it may be influenced by various factors. Moisture absorption can also be influenced by the material of the mattress pad and covers made of cotton and toweling are absorbent. Vapor permeable materials that allow water vapor and air to circulate so that sweating is minimized are ideal.

However, they’re also water-resistant so if large amounts of fluids are spilled on them the mattress pad stays dry. Man-made materials, like vinyl, and nylon aren’t absorbent and therefore may not allow air to circulate easily, resulting in excess sweating.


A user that has continence problems should look for waterproof mattress pads because occasional accidents are unavoidable. So, even if the mattress gets wet it won’t be damaged, and you should look for mattress pads with platilon which is a water-permeable and waterproof material that allows moist air to circulate evenly.


Some mattresses need to be adjusted with some dexterity so that the proper amount of pressure relief is provided to the patient. Some mattress pads come with power packs that may get damaged, and others may require repairs after a split or puncture.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Even though we’ve tried our best to explain everything about mattress pads for bedsores, we understand that there are still going to be some questions that we haven’t answered. We will attempt to do that by highlighting some of the frequently asked questions by individuals, shopping for mattress pads for bedsores. These were our top picks:

Does Medicare Pay for a Pressure Relief Mattress Pad?

It’s recommended that you should consult and check with your doctor and physician before purchasing a pressure relief mattress pad for bedsores. In general terms, the website states that durable medical equipment is covered by Medicare if your doctor or primary care physician has prescribed the equipment for use in your home.

Will Private Insurance Cover a Pressure Relief Mattress Pad?

The insurance policies of insurance companies tend to vary from one another, but your doctor needs to prescribe the mattress pad as ‘medically necessary’ for it to be considered for insurance coverage.

However, it’s best if you speak with someone from your insurance company to determine the specifics of the coverage and what is covered.

Who Needs a Pressure Relieving Mattress Pad?

Patients who are likely to spend 15 hours per day in bed or those who are classified as medium to high risk of developing bedsores or pressure ulcers are advised to use a pressure-relieving mattress pad. People at higher risk are generally those, who have spinal cord injury, are seriously ill, immobile, have diabetes, wear a prosthesis, don’t eat a proper diet, are incontinent of urine or stool, have broken a hip or have undergone hip surgery.


If you or a loved one are dealing with pressure sores, bedsores, or pressure ulcers, it’s advised that you have a skin evaluation done by a licensed doctor, who can then advise the best mattress pad for you. Mattress pads once purchased are non-refundable and non-returnable, and that’s why you must get the help and recommendation of a medical professional before making a final decision.

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